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Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard (converted)


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This is the 2nd version of Terezinya I've painted, the first being the original version of the mini, a few years back.


This time with this version I got a sort of "Voodoo Steampunk Necromancy" vibe from the sculpt so I decided to add a few little details here and there to convey the idea I had. I sculpted a monocle goggle type of affair for her, raised up above her left eye, with a sort of light emitting effect which is casting an overdone green glow around the area. I sculpted a mini gothic top hat with a bow, I was going to sculpt some feathers coming off of the hat but it was already too much and those feathers were just...overkill so I abandoned that idea.


I also extended her right arm out a bit and sculpted a skull to hang from her sword belt and help to support the extended arm in that pose. Lastly I sculpted a strand of hair that I painted as having gone white, to help with an area of the sculpt that I felt wasn't flowing right and to give her a sort of Cruella Deville thing going on.


Let's see. Spent too much time overall on the mini and in the end it comes out as too busy, and the base...well the base... I had good intentions with the base but my ideas with bases don't always pan out, as in this case. It's too busy I think and doesn't hit the steampunk voodoo vibe that I was trying for I don't think. But, I had some fun with it at least once I realized that it was going out of control. Still need to get better at bases. I'm trying lol.


Hrm, paintwork. Lots of things going on everywhere, again I probably spent too much time on this small figure and overcrowded the end result. The lace freehand over the sheer stockings came out alright I think, and the rip in her stocking was a happy accident where I missed and splurched a drop of paint over some lace I had already painted, so I worked with it to make it look ripped, and surprisingly it's not bad ...and what else. Her face is alright. I had trouble with her corset, alot of tiny detail there and I repainted it a few times so I got kind of "blobby" in the end. And the color for her jacket, although the freehand is ok on the back, is a little off with the rest of the piece I think.


Here's a shot that shows more angles of this mini.





I typed alot in this post, congrats to those that read through all that, gold star on your report card for perseverance.

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This is fantastic! Yes, it is busy but the colors work and IMO the whole piece just flows. I'm loving the Steampunk theme though I'm a big fan of purple and green so maybe that has something to do with it too. :poke:


Also the base is awesome too. I like the glowing red eyes on the side.

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WOW! This is absolutely beautiful!! Really outstanding work! The painting and base are great; I think even though this has alot going on visually, your precise painting ties it together wonderfully well. Inspirational!! ::):

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