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Elmore dragon nearing completion


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Finally got the nerve up to play with one of the huge Elmore dragons. This one is nearing completion but I wanted to show off. As always critques are welcome. Suggestions for improvement are even more welcome! Pictures are off my cellphone because that's what I had with me.





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The face has real mood, good work.

I'll say. "Why hello there... lunch!"


I really like the highlights, but I'm concerned that the shadows don't stand up to them. What would you think about washing some purple into the deeper recesses of the model? A cooler tone like that for the shadows would really make the red/gold pop, I think.

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Hopefully some better shots, at least the camera is better. My photography skills leave much to be desired. added a purple wash to the darker sections of the muscles. The wash shows up alot darker in real life. Looking for suggestions, particularly on the wings.





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