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wow, really nice quality for just 1 year of painting ::):

I'd suggest getting bolder with contrasts on your minis. make shadows darker and highlight lighter, don't be afraid to "over-do" this...

while minis are of course 3D creations, small scale means that we - painters - need to use tricks to deceive viewers' eyes sometimes to make paintjobs more interesting. Increased contrast, black painted with non-black etc. see, we're not only painters, but magicians too! :poke:

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Funny you should mention that, Nameless. I've been experimenting with trying to go up a few more highlights than I usually do, and keeping more of my darkest shade. The mini attached was a commission that canceled a few months back, before I had gotten to anything other than the skin, hair, and eyes. Since then I've been dabbling with it on the side, so it's been done over time at different points of my painting skill progression (though I have "improved" some parts).


The most recent on this mini was the leather skirt. I'm making the jump to reaper paints almost exclusively because I'm liking the results I get with them and with the way I paint. The skirt was done in reaper colors, and I've put more effort into making some of the highlights on it brighter than I usually do, while leaving more of the darkest shade (my habit seems to be to get rid of ALL the darkest shade when painting).


Oh, and thanks for the review on Coolmini.



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