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Say a prayer for Lili Troy...

Midnight Lurker

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Hi all,


Just wanted to drop a line to the folks out there who know her. Lili is having some serious medical issues and is currently in the hospital. One tragedy after another has been dropped on to the Troy doorstep over the last few years, and those of us who love them are deeply concerned. The next few days could prove critical.


Please send Kirk and Lili love and light in whatever form you feel most comfortable!


holding onto hope,


Jen Kaufman

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Thanks you guys, they can use all the positive energy they can get right now.


Kirk's surgery is tomorrow (pretty serious surgery), and Lili is in a totally different hospital with hard core issues of her own. A few of us are going to be down there for them. I'm in charge of keeping Lili distracted while Terri (Whysper) will be with Kirk.


You know, it's so easy to take things for granted in our lives. We wander along, oblivious to everything, then out of the blue WHAM! Life runs you down like a Mack truck.


Life is so fragile.



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Lilliana posted on FB that they've welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world! However, he is here very, very early.


The cost of treating a preemie is astronomical. What can we do to help the family? A mini auction on ebay? I'm not able to manage an auction right now (time-wise), but I'd certainly be able to donate a miniature. Any ideas?

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