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18th and Early 19th Century Fantasy


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So, I've gotten very interested in fantasy settings that have a eighteenth or nineteenth century feel, and I was wondering if people could recommend good miniatures, Reaper or otherwise.


There's one thing I'm looking for in particular. I saw it at my local game store years ago. It was a pack of Orcs dressed in Napoleonic War uniforms, and I'm pretty sure it was part of a set that had other fantasy races in various Napoleonic garb.


Anyway, any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the suggestions, there's a lot of cool stuff out there.


@ Inarah: Do you know how large the Gnomes are? They look pretty big, but that might just be the way they're photographed. If they would look gnome-sized compared to 28mm figures I might have to get a few. I'm looking for figures to run a fantasy Napoleonic RPG, so I'd like them all to fit with each other on the table.


The Seven Years' Picnic was pretty cool as well, though I wish they had actual guns/horses etc. It's a neat concept, but it wouldn't work for what I'm trying to do. Though I did look through Eureka's other stuff, and I fell in love with their 18th century musicians, which are on their way now.


@joshuaslater: I also checked out the Foundry Mercenary Orcs, and they're wonderful. They have a sort of a Condittieri/Landsknecht feel to them that I really like. Not quite the right period, but hey, it's fantasy, I can stretch things a bit.

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The gnomes are pretty good sized, 28mm at least. That is, they are as big as a Reaper 28mm human figure. So they would not be tiny little gnomes in comparison to other 28mm figures. But fantasy games let you mix things like that.

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That's true, fantasy is flexible that way, and those gnomes have a certain feel to them that I really like.


So, I've been poking around on the Reaper site and I found a lot models that would fit with this setting. I thought I'd post what I've found in case anyone else has similar interests. I didn't include most of the Pirates because they're easy to find in the figure finder, and I tried to stick to things that could be pre-Victorian.


60033: Skinsaw Man


60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa


50207: Krampus--This one doesn't really have a period "look" per say, but it's such a nice traditional European folktale monster that I thought it fit in spirit. Plus it's a pretty sweet mini.


02310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead


02391: Kimberlee the Fair


03342: Borley, Male Ghost


03211: Goblin Pirate and Powder Monkey


02861: Abram Duskwalker


02845: Townsfolk VI: Gravedigger & Henchman, not to mention a number of other Townsfolk sets that would work.


03241: Aroudj Firebeard

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