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Elise, The Witch


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Here's another one I just finished. I started her in October and I had hoped to have her completed for Halloween, but that didn't happen. I've had this mini since it was first released but I never thought my skills were good enough to paint her. I finally just forced myself to start on her and I'm happy with how she turned out. In hindsight, I should have attempted to make the stocking more sheer (something I've yet to learn) and I'm not quite sure if the black is highlight the best. I'm not fond of the orange on the pumpkin. I need to invest in a new orange group.


Enjoy and comment are welcome!


post-1131-12989185217491.jpg post-1131-12989185231502.jpg


post-1131-12989185245654.jpg post-1131-12989185259084.jpg



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Looks nice and smooth! Even though the stocking is not sheer like you wanted it, the popping green against the black and dark purple give a nice contrast. I'm no expert on doing sheer myself, but if you were to paint the stockings the same color as the skin, and then proceed to do glazes of the green (basically one drop of the green you used, to ten drops water) you may like the result for future attempts. It sort of allows it to look like the skin is showing through the stocking when you glaze until desired. Then you can highlight with a lighter colored glaze of the green (or mix white to your green glaze) on the more taught areas of the stocking to finish a sheer effect. Again, not an expert on it. I've only done this once, and it was on this same miniature.


Before I forget, I love how you kept the lining around the eye shaped nicely. It looks great!


By the way, what did you use for the foliage?

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Really nice job! It is so hard to do sheer. I managed it with white and light with some Egyptian figures but sadly can't post them here. No peek a boo allowed LOL


When I painted that figure and showed it around the number one question always seems to be "Where is the pumpkin stem?

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Thanks for the comments and advise everyone! I greatly appreciate it! I will attempt the sheer method soon. Someone asked what I used for the foliage on the base. I used a mixture from my spice rack plus some basing gravel. Then I added static grass and the Woodland Scenics Flowering Foliage (Purple) - F177 for the flowers.


And Stern, more will be coming. I already have a fairy started! ^_^

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