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March Roll Call

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Since I actually found someone local who plays WarmaHordes, it's time for me to get more serious about painting up my Legion. So far, I've painted:


- pLylyth

-- spell tokens

- 2x Shredders


I've started:


- Carnivean


I have yet to assemble:


- 2x Shredders

- Shepherd

- 3x Warmongers


And I'd like to acquire:


- 5x Striders

- animus tokens for Shredders (4x Tenacity) and Carnivean (Spiny Growth)


Let's see if I can get that all done by the end of the month.

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Assembled the Warmongers -- I'll probably get 'em based, too. Finishing the Carni, 'mongers, and the Shepherd gets me to 15 points, which is a decent place to start playing actual games.


I also picked up a box of daemonettes, which'll combine with the hormagaunts in the bits box to make me an ersatz Forsaken. I'm not a big fan of the studio model.


Update: 'mongers are based, and so is the Shepherd.

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