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Anirion WIP

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Excellent work!


One minor quibble: The gems on the staff look just a little bit off to me in colour selection. I like the blue crystal, but the combination of the red gems and blue crystal is far enough away from the colours on the rest of the figure that it looks out of place. Bringing the red gems closer to orange would help tie them in with the hair and belt pouch, which would in turn make the blue crystal stand out even more.


Nonetheless, I think you nailed it.

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Thanks everyone, Really appreciate the praise has helped keep me focused and patient on him. He isto be the first mini sent out in my PAINT IT FORWARD campaign.


I am sending him to a friend of mine who has an army I am hoping he will integrate him into. So I am not doing the base as this way my friend can do one to match the rest of his army. The next PAINT IT FORWARD. I do will have the base though. Now to just what for the sealant to dry so I can ship him. Quick question. How is the best way to package him to safely ship standard post?

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I use bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and shredded paper. Wrap the mini in the bubble wrap, pad the box with foam/paper, tuck the wrapped figure in the middle, then gently cover with more foam/paper. I've gotten this down to a science so that things do NOT move if the box is shaken.


For a 25mm heroic scale, I use a 3 or 4 inch square box.



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