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Gabriel Darkblood


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aah, finally a reaper mini to show here ::):


this one was sitting half-painted on my painting desk for way too long. I decided to finish it for my friend during the mini exchange held on another forum. I corrected and improved what had been painted, slapped some paint on unpainted elements and here it is...


The Count of Silesia, Crimson Knight, One Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken...




Pretty satisfied with the limited colour scheme, not happy about smoothness in few places (or lack of it).

this was also my entry for the Reaper Winter Contest. Got to the finals, no luck there though ::):

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Red armour - quite simply, to be honest. Red base (not sure which of MSP reds I actually used), controlled washes with violet liner and black, some highlights done with red mixed with just a bit of white, and then highlights on armur edges with pure white.

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Stern, I use black clothes as my black background - t-shirt, wife's skirt... stuff like that.

I place it relatively far behind a mini, so it is outside camera's focus range. This helps to make material texture less visible.


After taking a pic I use a GIMP software to adjust few things, one of which is "levels correction" - not sure how is this function called in the english version. Generally speaking I select spot on the pic which should be black, then white spot - software then adjusts colours to make them closer to reality ::): in this case I select background as the black spot.


Hope this makes any sense to you ::):

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