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Cruel casting


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Hi people.


We played a dungeoncrawl last nite, and this little gem came up.


Ascii goodness ensues:


Walls = xxxxxxx

Witch Queen = W

Marilith = M

Broken Fodder = B

Enemy Elves = E











I got the idea, that by using cruel casting on the 2 central broken fodder, I could achieve multiple sneaky effects.

a) I save spellpoints on my magic powerhouse

b) With the broken fodder gone, I have LOS to cast hellfire on the elves

c) Since I hadn't activated marilith yet this turn, and had more cards than my opponant left in the drawdeck, I would clear space to charge in and grind 'em up.


What we couldn't figure out, was if I can obtain LOS using cruel casting, or if the spell needs to be targetted before the sacrificed fodder are removed?



Thx in advance.


- Azazel

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I am afraid that ALL spell targets need be declared at the same time before any are resolved, so if you don't have LOS at the start, then you can't target. sad.gif


Now the Broken Fodder could attack and die first or attempt to break contact before spells are cast.

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