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I picked up a box of daemonettes mostly to convert myself a Forsaken, as I'm deeply unimpressed with the PP figure. But somewhere deep in the throes of finishing my thesis I decided to build one out of the box, and once I'd built it I had to paint it, and I'd just picked up a bottle of Red Liner and some Vallejo Smoke, and... well....




I'm pretty happy with the way the skin came out: I learned a few things about painting skin tones on this one. Also, I really like Vallejo Smoke.




Trivia: This is the first model that I've pinned to a cork to paint. I can't say I'm gobsmacked, but I might start to get irritated whilst painting the Legion figs I've based over the weekend. (Also, I learned that I need to pin every damn joint ever, because I thought I could get away with simply gluing these joints -- "Oh, it's just a plastic mini, CA should hold fine" -- and proved myself wrong.)


C&C appreciated.

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