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Who's all going?


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I'm gonna be able to make it this year! Yay! (flayling arms around like an over-excited Kermit The Frog). Looking forward to classes I've signed up for and some tasty bbq fun/socializing.


I'm from DFW (mostly) and have lived off and on in Denton since 1985. I wanted to chime in on transportation. I'd be thrilled to pick-up/drop-off any and everyone who might need a ride to or from DFW Airport or Love Field. Please don't pay upwards from $60 to get yourself there. I'm sure we can work out some timely logistically-contrived transport. I think my first paint class is Thurs noon so I couldn't taxi then. I own a Camry ~ get's great gas mileage/seats several comfortably ~ so if you need help, you got it. PM me if interested.


As a very social creature and attending UNT, I've come quite aquainted with the local bar scene. Not too far from Reaper is downtown Denton and there are some hole in wall bars along with crazy noisy places too (aging myself?). There is fun to be had!


Look so very forward to seeing/meeting all of ya'll in less than a month! ::D:


~ glen

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Mmmmm . . . can't wait. So, do you need any kitchen space, Vince? Let me know if you need anything for the feast smile.gif


Thanks, but I should be good. That is part of the beauty of smoking sausage; I could prep it ahead, slice it, and freeze it. I don't have to worry about keeping it warm for the ride up, and it is equally good served warm or cold.


I brought a little cold leftovers in from last night's dinner (just baked, not smoked), and my coworkers demolished the slices. I take that as a good sign. :;):



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Not only am I attending I'll have a few quick pickup & play games:


Barbarians of Lemuria


Starblazer Adventures


I'll have pregens and provide all materials.





*scratches head* that's one full factory....where will these games be played?

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I may see you there if you're there on Friday Keith. I'll be stopping by only for a brief time to trade in some metal before heading off to Squadron for their open house.


I'll also be bringing my Sabol Division case if anyone's interested in buying a new home for their armies. It's in great shape and has the foam inserts, although used but in great shape. I don't use it anymore and won't be needing it.

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