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Eilwyn, Enchantress


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Hi everyone,


Just thought I'd share with you my latest work. I painted this miniature for the wamped contest at WAMP, where it won first place (by only a thin thread I must say). It is a miniature from the Guild of Harmony line.




Would love to hear what you think about it, don't be afraid to criticize, I'm still hoping to learn loads.


I also just received a great package of wonderful Reaper sculpts, so hopefully I can post some work on those soon :)

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Looks pretty good. I would just recommend punching up the contrast a bit more and focusing your lighting to give a more dramatic look.


The skin could use a few glazes of reds and blues in to the shadows and the clothes could be brought to higher highlights without compromising the dark look you achieved.

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congrats MaGie, that's another sweet paintjob from you ::):


if you want some criticism though, I'd suggest adding different hues to your skin colours. using just "skin" paints quite often makes it look rubbery, unrealistic. this mini looks a bit like a doll, not live creature ::):

some darklining in few places maybe? e.g. grey part of her boots (or whatever it is she has on legs).


composition - staff in left hand, her pose plus greenery on the same side makes it all lean in that direction.


just some nitpicking from me, well done!

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