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So, who thinks that Pinnacle should pick up Star Wars


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I heard it was like 'Wings of War' - which is a cool game, so it should be good.


It is, but IMHO a little better at they have a dial with all your allowed manuevers rather than cards and damage dice rather than pulling chits. The balance was a little off (my six tie fighters trashed the three X-wings) but the mechanics seemed sound and fun.

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It is the "it" scale because it is the only scale that can approximate the scale of large warfare.

I have to take exception with your use of the word only there. 10mm and 6mm are quite viable for large scale warfare as well. In fact, I'd argue that 6mm is better for approximating large scale warfare.


I think what you meant was that 15mm provides a good balance between detailed figures and the ability to do large scale battles.



I have been jonesing bad for 15mm (original trilogy) Star Wars minis lately. I can't believe they aren't out there somewhere already.


Weren't the old MicroMachines about N scale (10mm)?

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