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Zombie Santa


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So I ordered two of the Santa Claus minis last week for a specific project I had in mind: how can we contrast two different Santa Claus minis using only paint colors and a dash of style?


Still working on the photography angle, but I think I've effectively communicated how different two different paint jobs can portray the same miniature.


I finally broke and drilled out Santa's bag on the zombie Santa, and replaced the presents with a few body parts. Regrettably, I have destroyed my original intent, although I still think I've proven how minor changes in a paint job can totally alter the presentation and intent of a miniature...


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Zombie Santa would explain how the apocalypse could spread worldwide so quickly.

If he can deliver presents to all the good boys and girls in a single night, I imagine it's no effort to do the same with a little nibble of Solanum.


Love the side by side!

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...actually, I was one of those kids who, upon finding out the truth, proclaimed I'd ambushed him coming down the chimney and extorted protection money in exchange for letting him out of the bear trap...

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