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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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This is the current thread for minis we would like to see.


* As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.

* The included list is formatted exactly how HQ receives it. it would make compiling much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. When clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.

* Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.


Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you.


Please Note the below list, this is exactly the format it gets sent to HQ, plain text, no images, no links


28mm version of 01406: Sophie,Succubus 72mm

accessories( books, potion bottles, globes, furniture, etc).

adventuring clerics with different weapons, gear.

Alice from Wonderland

American Indians from a variety of tribes that do not wear mohawks.


Animal Companions: alternates

animal hybrids that aren't cute.

Anime inspired fantasy minis.


Annis Hag- a large hideous and savage old woman. Clothing optional.

Ant Queen and minions

Anthropomorphic Animal gods/esses: cats, wolves, birds, bears, reptiles, etc.

appropriately proportioned critters to use on bases instead of just the overly huge ones



Archons, Storm

Aristocrats, fancily dressed, looking haughty.

Asian familiar pack: Baby Foo Dog, Baby Buddha, Baby Oriental Dragon, a Koi fish, and a baby panda.

Asian spell-caster (like Tian race from Pathfinder)


Atlas w/ the world as a seperate bit.



Bar patrons, etc. Sitting (if possible), standing and leaning.

Bar patrons: holding mug, sitting down, slumped over counter passed out, playing card/dice, dancing

barbarian with fox tail

Bard, minstrel

Bards, herald themed

bare-fisted fighters, male and female (especially female)

Bathalian warriors caste

battle golems

Bears, with Wings

big, open can of left-handed, saber-toothed worms

Birth of Venus

blacksmith of any or all giant species

Bone pack: set of skulls, leg bones, ribs, spines, etc. Not all human or even humanoid.


Bouncer looking menacing. Arms folded over chest with cudgel on lanyard hanging from wrist or belt.

Buddhist-monk style, clothed, or savage clothing

Bugbears, variety of weapons (not morningstars)



Cats in 25mm with a little variety

Centaurs - champion/leader

Centaurs - warriors with bow

Centaurs - warriors with spears/javelins

Chained Spirit: ghost style figure with chains leading to skulls on the ground

Characters who are half into a shapeshift

Characters with coats.

Chicken lizards.

Children from other races like dwarves, orcs, halflings, goblins...

Chinese style Half-Dragon.

Chinese-style figures, of both genders and all races, not monk-class

Chinese-style minis

chipmunk companion for the mouslings.

chubby characters, monks, wizards, priests etc.

Ciants, Astral

city watchmen from Ankh-Morpork.

Class gods/esses: paladin gods, cleric gods, thief god, etc.

Classical Gorgons

Cloaked Adventurer With Hood

common soldiers


Companion dogs: no snarling etc, some lolling about, laying, gnawing bones etc.

Completely nude fairies. Sitting or standing. C or pref. smaller breast size.

conan-like male Barbarians

Concept gods/esses: death/underworld, storms, beer, etc.

Cook female

Cook male

Court nobles (without drawn weapons) added to the townsfolk series.



cusith, elven hound

Cyclops, BIG with a BIG rock


Dark elves who arent covered in skulls, spikes or spider motifs.

Death Cultists armed with scythes and sickles.

deep recessed bases like #74006 please! sizes (30mm, 40mm, 50mm?) and a couple rounds

defilers without metal weapons

desert gladiators without metal weapons

DHL Classics: Malvernis Inquisitors


dire animals

dire pigmy marmoset

Dire Shark

dire tiger

dire wolverine

disreputable bandit

Dogs, more variety

Doppleganger in natural state

dragon that looks like it was woven together out of wood

Dragonborn - various classes, Warlord, Fighter, Paladin, Sorceror, Cleric

Dragonborn - winged

Drakes (Wingless Dragons)

druid with a quarterstaff

druid with a scythe or sickle

Druids, without fur

dwarf riding a gryphon

dwarf riding a ram

Dwarf W/bows

dwarf with a tool kit (similar to the gnome)

Dwarf with Blunderbuss or Musket

Dwarven Fop with fencing sword. (male and female)

Dwarven peasants: blacksmith and brewer

Dwarves: Bald, beardless


Element gods/esses: fire, water, etc.


Elephant men

elf cavalry

elf with spiked chains

Elk/Deer, boar, wolf, eagle, lion


Evil Savage


Fantasy Steampunk/pseudo-Victorian

Farm Animals (farm horse, sheep, goat, cow, hen, rooster, goose, etc.)

Feathered Velociraptors

female dwarf monk

female elf monk

Female full ogress, no nudity, perhaps with brood?

Female Half-Ogress, unarmed and clothed simply

female humanoids (Orc, Orge, Half-ogre ,Half-orcs & Goblins).

female in chain mail with a fox tail

female minotaur

female minotaur

Female orc pole dancers.

Female Satyr Ranger

female spellcasters in practical clothing, not dresses. :)

Female version of 03053

Fighters with chain mail armor

Fleshy versions of 14349 Razig Grunt or14275 Jackie Bones.

Foo Dog set: a male and female that were mirror images and and a young

footprints on a base

Forest Elves

Friendly merchant making supplicating gestures


Furnishings. Such as tables, benches, treasure chests, etc

Gamma World style figures

Gant , cloud


Genasi (preferably fire, storm, and air)

generic adventurer

Giant cockaroach

Giant Fly

Giant Gila Monsters

giant insects

Giant Maggot

Giant Minotaur

giant owl

Giant Snakes

Giant Stone Fists (Left and Right)

Giant, civilized, well-equipped, [due to cooperation and barter with humans or dwarves].

Giant, Fire King w/flaming claymore

Giant, Frost King w/maul

Giant, Storm

Giant, storm wielding a spear with a thunderbolt design

Giants, Storm

girl mouslings




Gnome with a spanner wrench and toolkit clothing

goblin, female and children

god figures


Greek inspired warriors

Greek Warriors

Griffon w/armor

Griffon w/barding


guys wearing ornate feathered headdresses and armor, obsidian spears and daggers


half human/animal male hybrids in clothes


half-orc female, medieval Scottish attire, broadsword

Hand sprues with OPEN left and right hands in various poses and gestures


Head sprues -- short haired women, orcs, elves, bald female without maniacal grin

heavy armor characters w/ no visable flesh.

hellborn monk

Heroes of the Ramayana

High Elves


Highwayman of the American Colonial/Revolutionary period--tricorn hat, etc.

Highwayman/duellist of the Hundred-Years War period or thereabouts, both mounted and not.



hobgoblins female

Hobgoblins of various weapons wearing medium and heavy armor.

Hobgoblins, Attractive Females

hobgoblins, w/crossbows

hobgoblins, w/polearms

Hooker Swarm

Horse: saddled/unsaddled and pack


Horses: Standing, of different types (heavy, light, pony), without riders. Tacked and untacked.

human illusionist.

Human King and Queen set. with an attendent courtier or even a prince/princess.

Human males with spears

Human spellcasters with armor & swords

Human street merchants: fruit seller with cart, hotfood vendor with cart, chestnut seller, teamster with team


Iconic gods/esses: Thor, Shiva, Ganesh, etc.

incubus with leathery wings

Indian Warhammer/Warpick.


Japanese fantasy figures

Kawiil, the god with a snake for a leg

Kobolds two fisted shooting crossbows.



Leader of the Rats

Lightly armored women

livestock packs (swine)

lizardfolk warriors.

Low level type adventures

Mad Hatter

Male authority figure on a throne

Male Aztec type warriors and priests.

Male swashbuckler

Male versions of DHL #2981 Lonnia, Female Duelist

Masked highwaymen

Medieval maiden/ lady riding sidesaddle on decorated fine horse

Medieval man on decorated fine horse

medieval or renassiance styled kings and queens of different races. some courtiers too.

mephit familiar. Kinda like a small sized succubus.

Merchant: hawking wares, few other tradesman, some henchmen lugging crates, barrels or bolts of fabric,

Merchant: large oily smiled and rubbing hands together looking pleased

mini covered with eyes

mining railways with moveable cart and ore.

minis with choices of weapons included

minis with spectacles/glasses.

Minotaur that is in scale of 7.5 to 8 feet tall


Minotaurs - armoured fighter, ranger, shaman

Minotaurs with swords and not axes

Minotaurs without weapons

Minstrels: harpist, singer, someone with bagpipes, someone with fiddle, jester, or juggler, fortune teller

Mites: Tiny little sneaks with large heads

Monkey King from Chinese mythology


Monks: all races, less of an Asian style

More blacksmiths, beggars, or street merchants

More Large Figures: not enough non-dragons/non-giants for those who want to paint up the larger figs.

Mount: unicorn for a caster type

mounted figures

mounted highway men

Mounted spellcaster

Mounts, variety (bears, griffins, etc)

Mounts: other than horses - dogs, rams, ponies, donkeys/mules, etc.

mousling belly dancer

mousling belly dancer

musketeers, like something out of Dumas' novel

mutated animals

Narnian Giant kitted for battle

nasty insects like mantis and ants and bees

nautical figures, no pistols

Needlefang Drake Swarms.


Noble children

Noble female

Noble male

Non-dire size common animals in multi-pose packs

non-geisha asians

non-mounted version of DH03264 Roderic Ambermead.


ogre/giant lunchbox: a human/gnome/halfling in a little bird cage.


Old grizzled wargamers with kepi and pipe


Oriental themed Emperor/Empress set. With courtiers

Pack animals

Pans Labyrinth monster




People in masks. Like a flat faced one you can paint a design on.

Pigsy, Sandy and the Tang Monk.

Pirate mage

Pirates (both live and undead) without guns

pirates with guns

Plague Doctor

Plaguebringers/Queens Physicians:

Plumed Serpents

Polar bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear cavalry

Polar Bear: Armored, Dire, Something to go along with Frost Giant Princess

Pregnant anything really. round minis in general. Sumo wrestlers come to mind.

Pregnant druid

pregnant druid.

pregnant woman

priest hiking his robe up and running.

Princess, Gypsy, Psion, Cleric, Dark Knight, Warlock.


Push Sword


Race gods/esses: a god of elves, dwarves, etc.


Ram headed sphinx

ram-drawn cart with a dwarf driver



Red Death/Dance of Death Figures: A popular middle ages icon.

Red Mantis

Red Reaver

resculpt Fire Elemental

resculpt of DH02629 Jade Star

resculpts of DH02628 Iron Fist


Robert E. Howard-Style Serpent Men.

Robin Hood archers


rogue: both metal & clear plastic

rogues that arent elves, halflings and the like

Sahuagin - warriors, shamans, leaders

screaming maiden holding her hands up in front of her

sea serpent

semi-nude female barbarian/Amazon warrior

Senators, philosophers, statesmen, etc.

Servants (butler, maid, cook, gardener, etc.)


Shadar-Kai - Witches, Chain Fighters


Shifters - Longtooth and Razorclaw


Skeleton sorcerer in hooded robe

Skeletons - centaurs

Skeletons - four arms

Skeletons - minotaurs

slovenly fighters wearing shoddy armor, suitable for low-budget

Sophie: Christmas watching a childlike Sophie opening a gift.

Sophie: male version

Sophie: non-holiday

Sophie: other genre based

sphinx, w/Hawk head

spider turtle

Spider turtle.


steampunk inspired figures

Street thugs, threatening with knives or clubs.

Street vendor with his wares in cart or basket

Sword Mages



Tavern patrons. Medieval and ancient. All races

templars without metal weapons



tiefling female

tiefling female relaxing

Tieflings/Hellborn - clerics (hand sprue for holy symbol, book, and various weapons,) rogues, fighters


Town guards,

Townsfolk in robes both men and women

townsfolk women who are not strumpets.

Townsfolk, including craftsmen, merchants, lowlifes, nobles, scholars, demihumans.

Treasure chest (closed) with no base.

Treasure chest (open) with no base.

Trolls: shorter, 6 to 7 foot tall

Unarmed human king and queen, and perhaps prince and princess

UN-armored, NON-pirate male swashbucklers with dual swords and no floppy hats or prissy bubble pants!

Unicorns in a neutral stance (not running or rearing back)

vampire with a really huge sword

variations on Ben Siens Clay Golem/Laboratory Mutant




Walrus cavalry

Walrus, with barding?

war elephant


warriors armed with madu and sword.

Weapon pack: black powder weapon

weapon pack: Indian Weapons

weapons like flails, quarterstaves and spears.

weapons pack without any swords. w/small weapons like handaxes, knives and non-bladed

Weapons pack: hands already attached to guns.

well-dressed women, wielding two weapons


Werewolf in victorian style clothing

Werewolf wielding a weapon and/or wearing armor appropriate to their shape

Western monks (guys in brown robs hood and sandals)

Wizards - various races and ages

wizards who arent wearing long robes or gowns or carrying staffs


woman pulling a kid dressed as a dragon in a red wagon

Woodland creatures like deer, bears, etc.. in neutral stances (not running or rearing)




Young adventurers with low grade armor and weapons

Youthful pickpocket.. Kind of oliver twist / little gavroche type fella

Zombie Dragon

Zombies (human) in medieval fantasy clothes with no weapons.

Zombies: with butcher cleave

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Top Posters In This Topic

I still wanna sprue of hands in various positions -- spellcasting, open, pointing, etc. It'd save me the trouble of hunting through my drawer of hands looking for the appropriate ones.

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I'd honestly love to see a Vampire Hunter D inspired mini, preferably the D from Bloodlust. So, big hat, big sword, cape, bracers, greaves, maybe add some thigh armor, then sort of regular clothing on the chest, with maybe a hint of a mail vest below the shirt, a baldric with some throwing knives. For the hat, I'd prefer it to be simple, none of that fancy ornamentation on it, that is usually depicited. I mean I know there are some assassin figures in the hat and cape getup, but they're not really what I'm looking for to depict the character whose name I use to post. And the big sword is optional, to a degree, I either want the figure with the large nodatchi like sword, or two katanas. Either will really work for me, whatever works for Reaper in terms of avoiding copyright issues and generating the interest of the sculptor works for me, I like to think I'm fairly flexible. It's really just the hat and cape with light armor that I'm looking for. Preferable a vampire, but a handsome vampire, and the fangs don't have to be showing, really. It's more important to me that the face has elven sorts of features, though I imagine the hat will cover the ears, so a handsome human will work too. I could go into far more detail on exactly what I want, but I imagine that won't do much good, since Reaper needs to sell more than one of the mini. So, I'll be happy with anything that fits the more "general" description. Plus, I think I've gone on for long enough as it is. Thank you Reaper for allowing me to make this request in the first place, as that just makes you super awesome.

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Wedding party, or at least a bride and groom. This could work for Chronoscope as well.


I'm using 03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble for a bride at the moment (at least her fangs aren't showing). Looking at the stance, with cup in hand, made me think of a scenario: the PCs come into a small town/village, which looks deserted. Finally they reach the town hall where they get invited into the wedding reception. The stance made me think of the bride giving a toast at her reception. The twist is, the vampire bride marries a traveler that came into the village that day and later feasts on her mundane husband. The PCs just provide potential food for the rest of the vampire townfolk which are at the reception. ::D:

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Both the hair and the hands sounds like a very good idea. ::D:


Does steampunk count as fantasy? I have seen SF fans argue that it is fantasy, and and fantasy fans argue that it is SF. I lean towards fantasy, myself. I'd love to see engineers, male and female, with big wrenches, for a steampunk era - maybe one based on Jamie Hyneman.... A pair of steampunk mages and/or technomages, just to cement this as fantasy. (And 'cause my steampunk game has magic.)


Goggles and prosthetics would be cool too.


For modern fantasy a real odd ball - zombie jazz funeral. (It came up in a game a couple of years ago, and the image is still with me.)


The Auld Grump

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@ Gaming Glen - purely evil idea! But I'll second that request.


I've been looking for a young mage type, human, male, clean shaven, mid back length hair, no weapon in hand, or if he's holding a weapon, it's a dagger. Leather pants, knee or thigh high boots, loose shirt, or leather vest.


Also, what about some general livestock to go with the Townsfolk collection? Cows, pigs, horses, ponies, oxen.



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Female Gnome characters. Specifically mounted fighters.


There seems to be very few female gnome characters and none are mounted. We've searched high and low and it seems no one is making them. One mounted on a wolf is specifically what I'm looking for, but any mounted female gnomes would still be nice to see.

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Mounted characters in general.


Hands with weapons in them including swords, daggers, crossbows and pistols.


I'd love to see some Vampire Hunter D inspired minis, but VHD is post-historical spaghetti western supernatural fantasy. I'm pretty sure it belongs in Chronoscape.



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