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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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I wouldn't mind seeing some more lesser orcs by Ben Siens, maybe some archers and warriors with different poses. I'm in the middle of painting up a small group of lesser orc warriors right now. More undead too please. Skeletons in particular. I would like to bolster my little batch of boneheads. ::D:


One thing I can't stand is to see naked skeletons. <_< I know that sounds kinda weird but a skeleton with just sword in his hand doesn't seem very scary compared to the one that looks like he's been through hell and back. Armor is rotting and falling apart, you can see bit of bone through the holes in his armor, weapons that are either broken or have seen a lot of use(nicks and dings in the blades). Skeletons should look like they've walked 40 miles of rough road through Hades and not stick figures. Back in the day, Ral Partha put out a series of skeletons and for the life of me I can't remember the artist. I only remember the names of the models. "Dealers of Devestation", "Skeletal Legion of the Lich or Lich King", "Skeleton Warriors". Those were phenominal. I still have a few of them and since then repainted them. As old as they are they still look great.


Little side note: I love Klocke's work !! So much detail in his figs. Guthrie's work on the pathfinder red dragon is awesome!

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I love the half giant and I'd love to see more, especially half giants of both sexes and different classes.


A mount suitable for large characters, like an elephant or mammoth.


Medium sized minotaurs.


Small sized elves.


A couple more male human archers.

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more dog familiars. I love the pug but would like some variety in dogs for pets/familiars.


I'll second the dogs... A pack (pun intended) of dogs of various breeds would be cool. Not just war dogs or wolfish-looking things, but regular everyday dogs...

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Demonic horns and tails for creating Tieflings from other figures. Antlers for those taken by the Wyld.


Disgustingly cute familiars - big eyed puppies, kittens tangled in yarn, mousling holding a spellbook, Raggedy Ann styled rag doll.


Child adventurers - paladin, wizard, ranger, all children.


The Auld Grump

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Humans representing pre-medieval eras.




- Viking, Saxon, etc.

(no horned helmets/loin cloths!)


- Celts; Gaul, Britain, etc. circa 500 BC -100 AD


- Ancient Greeks

(not just hoplites!)


- Egyptians


As it stands, there are plenty of Medieval-inspired fantasy models to meet anyone's needs, but there are very few if any options for "heroic Iron Age" -type figures (made by either by Reaper or any other manufacturer) without having to switch to an incompatibly-smaller scale. The above examples are just a couple of the more iconic cultures which might be most suitable. Of these, Vikings/Saxons are somewhat represented, but it's still limited for what is a pretty popular period. Packs of "ordinary" warriors (spear + shield, no armor) would be nice, as well as rogue, priest and other non-fighter types.


Thank you for having this thread.




(ps, Persian, India, and others would be nice as well, but I won't push my luck)

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Battleguard Golem variants: Even if it's just different pieces in the boneyard. With WoTC out of the miniature producing business, the opportunity to get that specific type of figure has been shot in the head and probably ain't coming back. The Battleguard Golem, even if broken down into different bits like head, arms, torso, legs, and different weapons, perhaps different arms with shields, would be fantastic.


Ogre Kin: I've mentioned this before. The Hills Have Eyes combined with ogres and bad things happening to back woods travellers and we have 'mutants' aka Ogre Kin. They could have a wide range of uses ranging from post apocalypse to horror and fantasy.


Black Legion: Boxed set and further members such as wizard, cleric, and assassin. Love to see them hit Warlord one of these days as an 'official' bit.


Bases: I'd like to support Reaper with more funds as I tend to buy bases from Micro Arts, Secret Weapon, Dragonblood and others. I'd like to see that go to Reaper.


Half-Dragons: (Cough Dragonborn) Never really supported by WoTC, I'd like to see some more 'unofficial' versions.


D&D Figs: Yeah, I know, absolutely crazy right? Well, you've got Savage Worlds and Paizo. Your figs are already being used in a lot of D&D games. The artwork on some of the D&D material is fantastic. For example, Wayne's new material on the Dungeon Master's Shield? I've love to see an ogre in that action pose. The Black Guard done up in Heroes of Shadow? Oh yeah. Perhaps a limited license or something of that nature and I can already hear the moans of noooo but D&D works best with figs (WoTC saw to that) and you make great figs.


Overall Simplier Figures: This may sound stupid, but something like a starter line where the details on the figures are minimized and quick to paint and get on the table would be fantastic. A lot of the old figures from the 80's tend to have character but still don't have belt pouches, chains, numberous daggers, etc.... strapped all around them.


Vampire Hunter D: Yeah, I'll second an 'homage' figure. Big hat, cloak, minimum armor, etc... Hell, the 54 Magnus Vampire Hunter down to 28mm would be great.


Deep Ones/Dagon/Old Ones/Mythos: Reaper already does some of this but more would be great. Fits into Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, and D&D 4e in many cases.

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I am aware that mounted models don't sell well. As a compromise I suggest naking leg sets for the various races that can be used in conversions. Also maybe another horse or two with some different poses other then the Anhurian lancer horse.

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Back when Warlord figures were first sold (before the rules and data cards), many of them came with these cool metal bases. I don't see them anymore. Any chance they could be released as an additional scenic base pack?


I'm talking about the ones that had stones, moss, and such. One even had a snake:






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I'd like to see:


* An armored "Death Priest" wielding a scythe. I've seen females, robed figures and a crapton of undead, but decent males have required modification from undead figures. Appropriate accents might include skull motifs on their gear, or sickles and an hourglass hung from their belt.


* From the Pathfinder Society adventure Silent Tide: The "War Hounders" street gang from Absalom's sodden Puddles District. These lowlife thugs typically wear spiked gauntlets styled to resemble a clawed dog's paw; some also carry crossbows. The gang members' grimy armor leaves plenty of exposed flesh, making it easy to see their animated tattoos: moving images depicting snarling, fighting dogs. I picture some with dog skins slung over one shoulder or canine skulls hung from their belt.


* Another Pathfinder character: The timid curator of the Blakros Museum, Nigel Aldain. Nominally a rival of the Pathfinder Society, poor Nigel has been forced to ask for the Society's aid when things went wrong at his museum. Things seem to go wrong there a lot...

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I would like very much to see a miniature of a female duelist pirate inspired by the front cover of PAIZO's Pathfinder RPG, Adneture Path Serpent's Skull 1 Souls for Smuggler's

Here's the link:My link


I think it is one of the best images I have seen of PAIZO. And a very handsome one!


Please Reaper! Give us a masterpiece!!!

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More Lizardmen from Ben Seins.

1) Another archer pose.

2) Another weapon and shield pose. Possibly with a separate sprue with several weapons on it, including non-primitive weapons IE not stone/bone/salvaged.

3) A Tyrant with Full Plate and weapon and shield.

4) A Tyrant with Full Plate and a two handed weapon.

5) Another big Tyrant with a two handed weapon.

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