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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)

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Arctic Barbarian Tribes!!!


Ice Clans – Elves

*bird and seal-based clothing/décor

*ice/crystal-based weapons

*lots of long hair and beards on the males

  1. Ice Shaman (female only)
  2. Young Warriors (male and female)
    1. Scrawny but healthy looking
    2. ‘normal’ looking hair/short beards
    3. Small but sleek looking blade weapons
    4. Leather/fabric clothing/armor
  3. Proven Warriors (male and female)
    1. Beefy and heavily scarred
    2. Long flowing hair and scraggly beards
    3. Bone or ice-based armor and HUGE weapons
  4. The Frozen (assorted)
    1. Cursed and made of solid living ice (translucent blue Bones?)
  5. Ice Father (on foot)
    1. The clan Chief. He looks like a Proven but suitable more epic.
    2. Armor and weapons are dragon/human bone based with some leather/chain.
  6. Ice Father (mounted on White Dragon)
    1. As above but twice as epic.


Orca Clans – Humans

*aquatic-based clothing/décor

*bone-based weapons

*gills on the neck, just below the jaw line (when visible)

*potential for lots of tribal tattoos

  1. Pod Shaman (female only)
    1. Completely bald and shark teeth (if visible)
    2. Water bendy type magic effects
    3. Baby Orca familiar (breaking up through some ice?)
  2. Pod Warriors (males only)
    1. Typical human barbarian with a combination of arctic and aquatic themes.
  3. Matriarch (female only, duh)
    1. A graceful but terrifying combination of a Warrior and a Shaman.


Shark Clans – Orks and Yettis

*general Feral Orkishness

*scavenged weapons and armor/clothing (i.e. wooden plank armor)

*shark-harvested weapons/décor

  1. Blood Shaman
    1. Sitting down and using a bucket of chum as finger paint as he draws a sigil on the grown around him
    2. Humanoid/animal-based clothing and weapons
  2. Blood Hunters
    1. Scavenged clothing/armor/gear
    2. Shark-based hand-thrown harpoons
  3. Blood Chief
    1. Suitable epic looking Blood Hunter.


Bear Clans – Dwarves

*Polar Bear riding Dwarven barbarians. Nuff said.


Gull Clans – Halflings

*Bird riding Halfling barbarians. Nuff said.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I've asked for them before in earlier versions of this thread, but:


Hands, left and right, open to hold a weapon (or whatever) pointed along the arm, open to hold a weapon perpendicular to the arm, closed, relaxed, and pointing, male and female.


They're really hard to sculpt (when you have my limited skill set, anyway) and they would make conversion much easier.


Did I mention hands?





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live stock packaged as herds. i know this sounds silly but honestly I'd love to do a diorama of the farm I grew up on. case-by-case things are easy enough to find via the different familiar packs or the Boneyard but finding properly scaled cows, buffalo, or mountain goats is a pain in the butt.


EDIT: at the very least you could use the sheep that comes with the nativity Shepard to make a herd pack as well as the chickens that come with the Townsfolk Children.

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I really like the "non traditionnal" idea. A Halfling Paladin would be great to start with!



I've always thought this guy would make a good halfling paladin:



This guy could too, if you like your halfling paladin a bit more rugged:




I concur with Doug Sundseth's hands suggestion.


I'm sure I've asked for this long ago, but a bigger variety of riding animals would be nice. A ram with a saddle other than the rearing one that comes with the dwarf king. Maybe a boar with a saddle. A stag, as Slendertroll mentioned. A halfling riding dog. An axebeak with a saddle pad.


That leads me to another thought: How about some spare legs for making our own custom mounted figures?

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Here's one that I have been having a hard time finding: a boar that fits on a 1" base. Most of them are either more appropriate for a cavalry base, or are enormous man-eating monster boars. I'm looking for a small/medium animal companion boar.

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I realized today that it seems no one makes any female stone giant miniatures. They feature in classic D&D adventures like Against the Giants and in a Pathfinder adventure path. Reaper has done a great job providing us with much needed female giants useful for frost and fire giantesses, so I hope they can provide a bald female giant meant to be used as a stone giant. While I'm at it, it would be great to also get a female hill giant.

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I have spent thousands of dollars on your site and a long time ago I requested an Achilies figure. I just got back into miniatures and ordered $500 worth of new paints. I was dissapointed to see your Achillies not wearing the traditional greek armor and mohawk helm and without his famous spear. I would love to see a line of Myrmidon in traditional greek armor to go with Achilies. I would also love to see a line of barbarians in american indian style. Oh yeah and a bald rogue with a beard that looks like me :) Pretty please with sugar on top.

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Could maybe get some uh... girly guy PCs...?

A cloth-garbed fighter farm boy with a simple sword and shield? A young, genuinely pretty pretty-boy mage? A girlish, scrappy sneakthief? It seems like Reaper occasionally tries to go for this with elven characters, but they all end up angular, gross looking, and seething with sexualized angst.

there aren't many effeminate male character sculpts out there. :L

would be nice.

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I'd like to have decent female heads in 28mm that could be used for any type of game (scifi, fantasy, etc).

10 diferent heads per sprue with hair at a decent price. I think that a lot of gamers and collectors would buy this product.

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