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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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Devil babies. With horns. Like the dancing CGI one from a few years ago (or was it 10-15 years ago now blink.gif ) that was everywhere for a time. Or like the one on the old Black Sabbath album cover.


Better yet, Sophie cradling a little devil baby (with horns or course)!

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animal companions:


Sea Lion




set of dog breeds (domestic)

set of cat breeds (domestic)

Red Panda


Musk Ox



Ram (large wild)


Also, we need more fops; We have a serious fop deficiency for noble characters and fluffed up bards.



Some cool concepts to steal:

furry dragon

Dragons that get out of the traditional dragon box.

a Pathfinder illustration to steal

I wonder if this designer knows that this is a Zburator?

quite possibly the most awesome Manticore I've ever seen

If you're going to do a phoenix, do it showy; like a peacock

Another non-traditional dragon

awesome fairy dragons

creative dragon head variation

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I've recently been playing the Pathfinder Jade Reagent Adventure Path with a group of close friends and was disappointed to find that no where is there anything close to resembling my class/race choice. So I am here to either request someone tackle it as it would do me a great satisfaction even after my campaign has ended I would enjoy having it. I am playing a Dwarven Samurai otherwise known as Kokoburo or Mountain People I believe. The GM was very approving of me taking a wolf as a mount as well, though I am restricted to riding it until I hit level 7 when it becomes a large creature. So...if there was anyone with time enough and someone who obviously has more talent in the tip of their finger than I will ever in a lifetime of studying the art who was willing to take on the project I'd be very willing to help in anyway possible. Low and behold I do not have infinite wealth at my discretion so it would need to be a reasonable price range and the art should be shared on this site. I'd be more than happy to come up with a background for the character and name unless of course the crafter enjoys such tasks, so long as its a suitable dwarven samurai model banner and all.

Was thinking Katana two handed with a Wakizashi sheathed at his side and his banner planted firmly into a harness on his back in full Samurai armor possibly mask included taking a two handed swipe at something, OR two weapon fighting using katana and wakizashi making a sort of frontal decapitation slicing action. Up to you, but I'd really LOVE LOVE LOVE this done


Like you, I'm playing a Pathfinder character from one of the setting's Oriental analogues. But my PC comes from the China analogue, and there is a woeful dearth of Chinese-style minis. Historical Chinese hairstyles and apparel don't look that much like Japanese, especially armor and weapons, and I'm a purist so I don't want to just use a Japanese-style mini because I can't find anything else.


I've been using the old Midori figure 02511, but my character is a spellcaster so the sword isn't appropriate. Midori and Jade Star 02629 are the only Chinese-style female minis that I can recall Reaper having produced. The selection for males is only slightly larger. I'm not counting the Chronoscope ones because they're all in modern apparel and that's not what I'm interested in. Ideally I'd like to see things inspired by Tang-dynasty fashions, since I hate the Manchu look (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the Fong Sai Yuk movies are set during the Manchu era). I'm looking for things that would be inspired by a movie like Hero or A Chinese Ghost Story. I can provide lots of images if anyone's interested. ::):


Chinese mythology and fantastic fiction have a vast assortment of monsters and character archetypes to choose from for inspiration. It would be nice to see some representation of them in your miniatures line.

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A female stone giant to accompany this handsome fellow:


Maybe a girlfriend would help him deal with some obvious agression issues.


There's a female frost giant and fire giant, as well as Frulla's everybody's big, hot bikini giant. I think stone giant chickeypoo would be a welcome addition.

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Chinese mythology and fantastic fiction have a vast assortment of monsters and character archetypes to choose from for inspiration. It would be nice to see some representation of them in your miniatures line.

I'd second this! Historical and Fantasy Japan is fairly well covered in 25mm figures, but there is a real lack of Historical and Fantasy Chinese figures. I'd be all over some of those. :wub:

I'd like to say ditto, but in reference to minis of a more slavic nature~ We need more cossacks and Russian fairytale heroes!

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