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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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Years ago, Preiser of Germany produced multipart nude figures for conversions in 1/32, 1/24, possibly 1/25, and HO scale. They are awesomely fun to work with, but pretty rare these days (and expensive).


It recently occured to me that it would be pretty awesome to see something like this in 28mm in pewter (or plastic/resin for that matter). Here is an example:




There were two sets, one male, the other female, and the pieces were identical in each scale.

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I would really like to see some ElfQuest style Wild Elves. That is elves with barbarian hairstyles (long hair, top-knots, braids) in rough leathers, decorated with feathers and pelts. Carrying crude spears, axes and the occassional troll-forged sword. They should be uniformly thin and lithe, with big pointy ears.


The Wood Elves Reaper is already making are very nice, but they are still too civilized for my tastes. I want some Elves that have truly gone native and rejected civilization entirely. Savage, primiative elves.


I would also like to see some Slaves. Not sexy slavegirls, but some poor schlubs doing back breaking labor (or taking a brief respite from said labors). A three pack with two males and a female in tattered garmets with rope belts and no shoes would be perfect. Far too often I find myself running adventures were the PCs have to free a bunch of slaves, and the only minis I have that come close to fitting the bill is Dennis Mize's old Slave Auction girls, which are fun and all, but I'd like some slaves that are actually wearing clothes.


Something where I could buy six or seven packs to fill up a slave pen would be awesome.

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I would love to see Tengu miniatures for pathfinder done as many different class, wizard, rogue, ect. More halfling to scale with boots not barefeet that look is so overplayed. Some more weapon sprues maybe some with hands attached, I would like to create a guy with 2 shields as weapons

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Last night my hubby was looking through the newest Pathfinder bestiary and he gave me a lovely list of minis he'd like to see~ Here it is:


Asura, Upasunda


Devil, Contract

Div, Aghash



Giant, Desert



Oni, Void Yai

Pale Stranger

Rakshasa, Dandasuka



Terra-Cotta Soldier (though really he could just paint something terra cotta colored~)


Vanara (specifically one dressed as a monk)




I'm almost afraid to see how long his lists will be from the other two bestiaries~

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from Pathfinder's Bestiary 3:


Bandersnatch (p. 33)

Thunder Behemoth (p. 39)

Boogeyman (p. 42) - Want to paint that. Badly.


Cecaelia (p 49) - Already asked for this, but the MALE cecaelia is just amazing!

Contract Devil (p. 77)

Div, Pairaka (p 88)

Dragonne (p. 104) - I realize we have a dragon lion now, but this is by far a cooler design.

Faun (p. 114) - Best faun EVER. Love the design here. He's a handsome fellow. AND MALE! THANK GOD!

Every Linnorm in the freaking book. Seriously, I've never seen more intimidating Linnorm designs.

All the Sphinxes. We have the Androsphinx now, but I really like the variations. HIERACOSPHINX FTW!

Mobogo - For some reason I really want this as a mini.

Peri (p 218) -the flame feathers looking like peacock eyes is just a perfect touch.

Rakshasa, Dandasuka - Look at those COLORS! Want to paint this! Heck, all the Rakshasa look like demented hindi carnival freaks, but they're so brilliant!

Shae (p. 242) - WANT!!

Sprite (p. 256) - It's like Pathfinder crawled into my brain and pulled out a design I'd wanted for eons. A MALE PIXIE! Thank you Dresden Files for probably inspiring this.


Other things we need:

Pathfinder's Mephisto, who is a roguishly handsome fellow. Actually we need all the Lords of Hell...

All the trolls. Seriously, Pathfinders trolls are visually superior to any other troll design I've ever seen.



Oh and flying monkeys. We need flying monkeys.

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Okay, after spending a more or less fruitless evening scouring the web for Female Human Archers In Light Armor, I would like to see some more options from Reaper.


Repeat: Female HUMAN Archers In LIGHT ARMOR. One of my players is playing exactly such a character, and its looking like she has her pick of dozens of female ELVEN archers and a few female human archers in their skivvies, but no sensibly dressed female archers. Like a human female ranger type. It looks like my player is going to have to use the mini for Neinna for her character, since Nienna's hood covers her elven ears. But seriously, this is ridiculous. NOBODY offers this character type. It's always elves rather than humans.

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I'd like to see some wizards wearing more practical attire for adventuring. I've been playing Skyrim quite a lot recently and I like the design of the mage robes in that game. But please, no hoods. I like to be able to see the head of my character (and be able to paint the face relatively easily). I don't think ankle-length robes would be a good idea for dungeon-delving or roaming in the wilderness. Reaper has produced some male wizard figures with more practical clothing, but most of the females tend to be in long robes / gowns.


Some wizards without huge ornate staffs would be nice, too. Just spell component pouches, potion bottles, and some scrolls and wands. I'd really like to see a female elf wizard in practical adventuring apparel without a staff.


More spell-effect miniatures would also be very much appreciated. Animated weapon spells - swords, maces, or axes on their own separate bases that could be placed wherever the caster has targeted her spell. Other useful items could include spectral heads or hands on their own bases, and bases full of tangled vines / tentacles that seem to be reaching out. Perhaps some objects that could be used to represent either light sources or energy effects (other than fire, which you've already amply provided) would also be nice.


Finally, how about sculpting more characters wearing rings? That doesn't seem to be a common detail. I realize it's probably difficult to sculpt, but it would be a nice touch.

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First off, thank you for what you already produce. You already have a fantastic range of minis and good quality. That being said...


You are one of the few companies that produces female dwarf minis. I run an all-female dwarf warband in Mordheim, and it has been a struggle to put together a set of 12 - 15 unique figures (all of the same general size/proportion). Some of your dwarf females, like the barefoot barbarian chick, just don't fit with the rest of the models, and there's at least one (Nalila Goldhammer) that is significantly smaller in proportion to the rest although her look, armor, weapons, etc., would be perfect otherwise. Having a few more options for female dwarves (or any other small folk like gnomes, halflings, hobbity folk, etc.) in adventuring gear (not barefoot, not in dresses although cleric-types would work) would be really nice. And it wouldn't hurt if they had nice faces too, like Bailey Silverbell. Some of the existing figures have features that are really coarse and unattractive. Having four different female dwarves wielding ranged weapons (bow, crossbow, blunderbuss) is kind of a pipedream. I've converted a few to work, but it's just never the same.


I also run a showgirl themed Sisters of Sigmar warband (though I call them the "Strippers of Sigmar"). For this warband, I've mostly used Malifaux figures, two from Werner Clocke's Freebooter line (modded Gipsy and Sarah), and a couple of your figures (also modded) like the Oktoberfest serving wench. I'm officially requesting more showgirl types, with a weird west/victoriana/steampunky flavor that also look like formidable opponents. Hey, this is a wishlist, I can dream.


We have also been play-testing a Tephra campaign, a new steampunk RPG that is about to be released for the masses. It is a fantastic game, and I suspect between that and Abney Park's RPG-in-development, there is going to be a demand for more steampunk-flavored minis. The playable races in Tephra that really need minis (of both genders) are gnomes (tinier than other versions of gnomes, no more than 2' high in game), satyrs, elves (hulking, troll-like, with hunched backs), and Ayodin (fish people with legs, not merfolk). In top hats. Bustled skirts. Satyrs in frilly shortie bloomers and corsets wielding battle parasols (my character). Dapper gnome gentlemen in bowler hats and canes, with B.A.G. revolvers and automaton companions. You should really talk to the Cracked Monocle folks, they are in Texas too.

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I second all the Pathfinder posts. Personally, I'd like to see more monsters than character types; one of my favorites is the Keketar Protean. What impact has the WizKids Pre-painted PF line had on the balance between characters and monsters in Reaper's PF line?



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