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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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I would like to see:


A Half-Orc Ranger w/bow and maybe scabbarded longsword


A large male gazelle type as a companion


A series of dwarves with some steampunk overtones


A Clockwork golem as mentioned previously


A series of knights closely tied to Arthurian legend


More varieties of kobolds


A series of apemen


I think that's it for now...


Markus V

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Humans representing pre-medieval eras.




- Viking, Saxon, etc.

(no horned helmets/loin cloths!)


- Celts; Gaul, Britain, etc. circa 500 BC -100 AD


- Ancient Greeks

(not just hoplites!)


- Egyptians


As it stands, there are plenty of Medieval-inspired fantasy models to meet anyone's needs, but there are very few if any options for "heroic Iron Age" -type figures (made by either by Reaper or any other manufacturer) without having to switch to an incompatibly-smaller scale. The above examples are just a couple of the more iconic cultures which might be most suitable. Of these, Vikings/Saxons are somewhat represented, but it's still limited for what is a pretty popular period. Packs of "ordinary" warriors (spear + shield, no armor) would be nice, as well as rogue, priest and other non-fighter types.


Thank you for having this thread.




(ps, Persian, India, and others would be nice as well, but I won't push my luck)


I'll push my luck on this. Here's hoping.


I have not gone through this entire thread, but Heck Yes! Saxons and Vikings, monks, village people, (NOT the singers!) animals for dressing up wargame tables and RPG settings~!

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Hobgoblins! These are my favorite goblinoids and nobody else makes them. I would also like to see some generic gnome warriors. All the non-Bloodstone gnomes right now are bards or spellcasters. Some nonhuman townsfolk would be nice. Elves dwarves kobolds, you name it I want it.

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Some jungle swarms - of snakes/lizards

Some pirates - but less fancy looking pirates (most of Reaper's pirates look like captains to me)

Some tropical animals (thinking carribean themed)

Little terrain bits along these lines would be awesome too.


Yes. I'm into pirates lately.

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More angelic/demonic wings - for larger miniatures.


Butterfly wings, bird of Paradise wings, and bat wings that are designed to curl around the body. Mr. Werner Klocke did some very nice Bird of Paradise wings for one of the large figures in the Inferno line by Global Games, once upon a time. (I use her as a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch....)


The Auld Grump

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Some different variations on the standard bat wing structure would be nice as well - with shorter end fingers and longer middle fingers as well as some more abstract bone structure.

Could make a boring wyvern or something into a really cool dynamic piece.


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