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Spectral Minions


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I'm printing a Nefsokar army list for this weekend and I can't find the data card for Spectral Minions in the army creator web app. Does anyone know what army list it would be under? Or if it got left out by accident?


Spectral Minions are a spell effect for casters with the Death tome (in this case Netikerti) and I'd like to print some for my list.


Also, since there is no point cost associated with them, they do not count toward the total points you spend on the army, correct? There is only the spell point cost when that is cast.

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Because they are a spell effect, they do not have a model data card. They aren't a traditional soldier "model" for any army, so they don't appear in the army creator. Their stats will appear under the spell's description for her spell list when you click the Output Army button (assuming you keep the Include Spells check box on).


EDIT: And yes, there is no point value for them, as they are a spell effect and not a traditional soldier model. They are not bought as part of your list value, but rather from the spell points expended to summon them.



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