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3504 Karahl Farstep & 3449 Halmar


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Well, it seems like a long while between posts and painted minis, but here are my latest for a recent commission. I had specifics to stick to, so the color schemes are what was asked for. I really like them in hand, but the photos leave a lot to be desired. The customer likes them, and I am sure he will like the work once he has them in hand. These are gaming pieces, so I did not go overboard with the basing as I have on past pieces.


Karahl's face is hard to see in these pics but, he was painted with blue glowing eyes. I used the same blue as the crystal in the staff. The upper cape was done in Deep Ocean with a little black added in to darken it further. I used the same colors on the lower cape, but added more black. There is some slight OSL from the crystal on his right side. The rest of the mini is in either blacks or greys for the base colors. Kind of dark and mysterious.






Halmar was done in Blood Red with a little brown mixed in and and blacks for the base colors. The red robe has silver and black detail and the black robe has gold detail. There is some purple OSL on his left side from the violet magical flaming sword. I used some clear purple to shade the red robe as an experiment. Looks OK I guess. You think I would be better at color theory after 2 years at the Institute of Art, but what you do not practice you lose.






Comments are always welcome.

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Thanks everyone for the comments so far. I always appreciate it.


Now that I have been looking at the pics and have already shipped the minis, I keep getting the feeling I forgot to paint some of the details. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Does anyone ever get that feeling like "Man I hope I didn't forget to paint that belt or that strap" or something like that? I am always so critical of my work that sometimes I fret over some details so much that I forget other stuff. Sometimes I forget if I did something or not (wait, that might be old age setting in). Sorry, no offence to those older than 46, but hey it just seems my memory is not what it used to be.





Sorry I have not been in touch with you lately, but I have not been on line much over the last couple of months. I will drop you a PM later so check that out sometime tomorrow. I need to get back in the swing of things painting wise. I have been jumping from one project to the next without finishing much lately, so finishing these up was a relief. I even had to fight through having a stye in my right eye and my vision got all blurry, but I got them done.

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I am with you...I started school again, full time, plus work full time again. I hit a wall the beginning of dec. and have not gotten alot done since then. I am working on getting some stuff finished but I injured my back...when it rains it pours lol.

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