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Wraiths, Golems, and Pirates

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Hi! Here are some new minis I did recently for commissions, hope you enjoy! ::):


Gloom Wraith, his weapon is converted from the original by my customer, very cool sword ::): makes me wonder about the character of the creature before it became a wraith








Stone Golem, painted as a crystal psionic golem, some small additions of crystals to his head and shoulders by me, I also filed off his mouth area abit, as the character didn't have one, and communicates telepathically








Melisande Wavecutter by Reaper and a unit of pirates from Black Scorpion Miniatures, I made some adjustments to Melisande, I didn't realize she was wearing gloves, and thought she had some crazy man hands going on hahaha! And I also changed basing around a bit to be painted like a shipdeck ::): I was looking at some N.C. Wyeth paintings for inspiration on color schemes. Anyhoo :)


Melisande & her crew













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I am diggin' that wraith. It just so happens that mine made it back to my workbench after I got sick of bending the sword; a guitar-string pin and some green-stuff fixed that problem but I need to paint it back up. When I do I think I'll up the OSL and post some photos.


The rest are great, too, but... man, that wraith is spectacular.

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The Wraith sword is spectacular. It gives a nice contrast with the dull color of the robe and the slight glowing effect is really nice too.


You also did an amazing job on the Golem. The crystal gem work is totally magic and the conversion is very well executed.


As for Melisande and her crew, I wonder if they’ll have the guts to sail the Seas of Adon… Rumours of the grim Razig have been heard on the deck this evening. His deep eyeless sockets are always scanning the horizon for any sign of his misspent treasure or enemies that have eluded his vengeance. (I fantasize, looking at my work in progress, soon to be unveiled).


Great work overall.

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