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Issue with the CAV section


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Disclaimer: This thread might be better in a site discussion forum, but I couldn't find one so I plopped it here, since it has to do with the CAV section. If there is a better forum for this, please move it.


So, I was going through the mini's gallery, and scrolled down and clicked the CAV section to look through a few minis there, and it seems to me the CAV section is borked out. It appears that it now just does an automative search for Cav instead of bringing up all the CAV related miniatures, so it includes various cavalry models, cavern critters, characters with "cav" in their names, etc, aswell as the CAV models.


Is this a site glitch, or is Reaper planning on removing the CAV section all together and just merging it with some other section/leaving them free floating?


Thanks for reading. :D

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CAV is gone for now, and yes, I do partial word search. CAV Strike Operations will bring up our big stompy robots right now.


If you're looking for all the other CAV models, our robot supply depot has all the ones that aren't making the cut for whatever reason.



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