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Fantastic. Are those wires going to actually make the windmill run?


Yes. Depending on what the new base will be, I plan on hiding the 9volt battery that powers it. I needed the extra length because I don't know where that will be.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.



So good news and bad news. Windows are nearly done. Bad news wires got snagged on something on my bench. Mill then took a tumble and pushed in the motor. Glue broke around the base of it and then fell out. (sigh) So it looks like I will need to peal off a few boards and will have to re-seat the thing.



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"working"....Hmmm Well I will call it a looks like working.:rolleyes:


So I started painting the one side just to play around with colors for aging. I am pretty sure that will go with what is here but then again I am pretty tired. It is obvious to me that more blending, shading and the like needs to happen but this is where its going.


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