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Dire Wolf Pack

Kannan Fodder

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These guys have been sitting around for years in one of my "to paint" boxes. I originally intended to quickly paint them for gaming purposes because we were running into a LOT of dire wolves, so pretty much pulled them out of the blisters and primed them, then promptly forgot about them. I recently realized I needed painted monsters in order to make a break into running a game, so dragged the pack out to fill in the ranks. For those of you with rather keen eyesight, yes, there are mold lines visible. I "needed" to buckle down and focus on painting again, so jumped right in rather than taking the time to obliterate mold lines.


All were primed white, then I base coated the two darker ones in black. The one with the bone was painted using the technique Derek Schubert posted in the Craft section of Reaper's main website. I used the RMS Bone Triad on it and diluted Brown Liner as my wash. I used photos of wolves for my color references, then modified the technique as needed to get the color I wanted. And because they were intended for gaming, I sealed the living s**t out of them, which really muted the colors on the darkest one. (I say that because someone else pointed out that spray-on sealer can play havoc with delicate highlights/shadowing.)






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Thanks all. It really means a lot to me that so many of you have taken the time to post compliments.


I went for totally different coats to make using them in-game easier.


The light one was modeled after a photograph I found online. I really liked it, and wanted to try to duplicate it.




Derek Schubert wrote a wonderful tutorial that is posted in the Craft section of Reaper's webiste. I followed it, but made some changes to account for my varying color choices.


For the eyes, I filled in the entire eye socket with RSM Pure Black, then painted the eye light brown. Next I worked up layers of RMS Marigold Yellow, then added a black pupil, and finally a tiny white dot. I used a magnifying visor and a #1 RMS sable brush.



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