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More Ghosts Please!

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Hello guys. I have a "how come/could we maybe see in the future" comment to make. I'll start off by saying I've been playing this amazing game since shortly after it came out, and have always stuck by my personal faovorites, the Fleshless Dead of the Necropolis. I used to run (back when the army books were valid) a Cypt Legion army, which was fun because I got some benifits (with allot of restrictions). And I love the newer system of choosing a Doctrine, plus Warlord Benifits. Though I do miss all that fluff. That being said, I have a comment on the current doctrines and models. As the fluff goes Judas and his vampires are one of the sub Factions of the Necropolis and they benefit from The Devouer doctrine. The addition of Rhasia is very cool for the zombie minded and Graveyard Doctrine works great for her. Now we get to my warlord of choice - Moandain. His fluff has the Wraiths as his minions and the fleshless (such as Nivar) seem to follow him instead of Judas. However the Crypt Legion doctrine is about skeltons! There is nothing to benefit the Fleshless (like the Wraith Harvesters for instance). My angry spirits have no support! :grr: Also, we lack the truely powerful creatures. The only hero type model the Fleshless can field (while staying very fluffy as I like to do) is Nivar. And while I think hes great and definately field him, hes one a rogue and can't stand toe to toe with the uninjured Warrior types....and hes unique so I can only have one. The Bone Horror is something mostly loyal to Judas, and while the Giant Skeletons and Grave Horror lack real allegiances, they are undead with corporeal forms. They don't really fit into the theme. So here are my suggestions. As far as Doctrines, the old Crypt Legion rules gave toughness/1 (or +1) that could not be negated in anyway. Perhaps something similar for Non Corporeal models for a Doctrine? Or maybe just for the ones in Moandains troop? And as far as the heroic/monstrous models go, perhaps a Giant based Grim Reaper looking model? It is duly noted by me the "theme" for the Fleshless seems to be a relatively high attack and low defense, perhaps its stats would reflect that, but on the scale of the more powerful creatures? This is just something I'd love to see, and am interested to see what thoughts others out there might have on this (lengthy) dissertation :B): . Thanks for reading through all that!


- ThatDeadGuy

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