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Help me Judge these Art Projects

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So my 7th grade Geo students just got done with a unit about Africa and we usually end up with a day or two before the end of the quarter/spring break. Rather then start something new we have the students take foil and put it over card stock. They then get an African Inspried piece of art work, mask, etc which they trace over with a pen causing an indentation into the foil. They then get Permanent Markers an color over the foil. I always have my artist friends, that means you guys vote on them and pick their favorite ones.


So I need you to all pick your top 3. I am not worried about order. Whichever student gets the most votes will be 1st and so on. With the exception of the all of the pictures go from left to right 1,2,3 and then the next row would be 4,5,6. There are a total of 22 projects. In the last photo. The top is 19, the one under it is 20, on the left bottom is 21, and on the right bottom is 22. Thanks guys.last phot





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