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Smallest Warlord Army?

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Oh.. here is one with 5 (+familiar/totem) = roughly 7 --- Still very sporty :)


Elves - 799 points


Troop 1

Argyrian, Silver Dragon

Selwyn x 2

Elven Cloak x 3

Book of Tactics

Arrows of Seeking x 2

Armor of Courage x 3

Ring of the Unicorn

Magic Weapon x 3

Magic Ranged Weapon x 2

Centaur Warrior




Troop 2

Mossbeard the Treeman

Battle totem

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Deathsleet - 194 pts.


pimp him however you'd like but that's it. Granted you'll lose, but it's under 1000 and the cheapest leader with 0 troop requirements. ;)

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