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April Roll Call

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As of last Saturday I have a full 25pts of Legion painted up and battlin' hard at the FLGS. However, that leaves me with a few models unpainted, and I'm trying to paint what I have before I buy new WarmaHordes stuff. This month I'm going after:


- 3x Warmongers

- 2x Shredders


I also have a couple of gifts for other people that I'd like to finish up:


- Devout

- pSorscha (alt sculpt)

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have a few things i need to get going on

I would like to get a few grunts done for my crusaders

I also need to work on my dwarf bust

I also need to work on my open entry, which includes two humans, a wagon and finishing the base.


On a happy note:

I have finished three war dogs, Lady Kristianna, and a page. :)

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