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So...here I am....again :P

Lady Tam

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Yes...it is time for yet another...Lady tam sighting. Though maybe since I am back to painting I will be about a bit more. Hard to tell with me. :poke:


Anyway, still among the living, not zombiefied yet. Trying to get a job part time before I return to my nursing classes which were put on hold while my mother was ill. Got a new horse (You can see her and me in my profile pic now) She is still a "baby" as she is just turning 2 this year. other wise...life is rather dull, new dog, ducks, still living on the lake. Etc etc etc.


Now...why is there only one page in the off topic area? It is driving my nuts that there is only one when there used to be pages and pages. I was looking forward to cruising the older topics.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome back! Not much has changed, some new faces but the discourse is as delightful as ever.



So I see. I am trying to work on some stuff, slow but steady. But looks like I will be interrupted a few days thanks to Poison ivy...the plant ;p

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