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Familiars and Teleport

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Can a wizard be the pick up point of measurement and the familiar be the drop off point to measure from? Or viceversa? I'm inclined to say no but I don't see a reason why it can't be yes either. The no is because if it's yes Teleport is even better. Basically run a familiar up to pick up opponents model and then the wizard acting as the drop off point puts the model next to a combat monster in his troop. Rinse lather repeat.

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[spell description snip...]

While the familiar is within LOS of the Spellcaster, the Spellcaster may use the familiar as its eyes for casting spells. It may also use the familiar for all other aspects of the spell, such as starting location, range of the spell, and so on. All ranged spells cast through the familiar are measured with a maximum range of half the listed Range value.

[.../ snip]


Based on the description given, the answer would be yes. The only limitation on your particular case is that the model teleported would only be able to go up to 9 inches from the familiar instead of 18.

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