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Hey! Who's Still around?

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Just thought i'd swing by the old favorite here and sound a few alpenhorn.


Any of the old gang still kickin'?

and hey, what are you presently planning or playing?


--I'm mostly hacking at Flames of War...

--I've picked up WAB, but oddly, the army i'd most like to play either necessitates an expansion book or a hefty order to A&A Miniatures...and my, do they take forever to ship!

--Was inspired to play oodles of samurai by a back issue of WGI (now a slave of battlefront)...but no takers. everyone plays WH40K...it's sad

(convert custom army for non-tourney private 40K games...hahahahaa!)

--Found a distributor for really tiny fighter aircraft (1:600), and have discovered the joy of rare-earth magnets...perhaps i can make a winning Air-Combat game?


you guys take it easy, and have a killer weekend!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I may qualify as part of the gang, but age-wise... :zombie:::): Still keeping tabs on the forums and the hobby, but haven't painted a mini since Gen Con 2010 or played a game in nearly 2 years. This whole work/family/life thing keeps getting out of balance.

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Still play Flames of War with my Afrika Korps army. I have gotten back into Napoleonics with La Salle in 15mm and ACW with Fire and Fury Regimental also in 15mm. I have the beginnings of a US Marine Force for WWI using Mud & Blood by Two Fat Lardies in 28mm and painting competition pieces around all of that.

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hey...thanks for the replies, and sorry for the wait....my life is busy.


15mm is the way to go for 'army' games...or 1:285 scale if you like lots vehicles. a friend of mine threatened to convert modern warfare to battletech rules (huh? yeah, i know...) so i told him how modern warfare gaming generally goes and i've pushed him in the right direction...seem's he's interested in the Arab-Israeli conflicts in 1:285...


i hear Malifaux is growing...not quite the sci-fi Victoria, but it's the same time-line, at least...


DAK for FoW!!! me too!!! i run a 1500-3000 point list of straight up 8th panzer company, with light combined arms support and the occasional Luftwaffe. You've always had taste, Heisler. BTW, how are the Too Fat Lardies on Rules? is it in-depth or light, Skirmish or Company Scale, conventional or progressive n rules-style? i just haven't asked, but would like to know. my typical news outlets don't cover the really off-mainstream rules companies.


Funny thing on the FoW circuit...they seem to be launching themselves forward with bizarre momentum: they made Blitzkrieg (people say it's a pillow fight, but i intend to prove them wrong.) and released a new mini's line for Vietnam (they had better branch into the Israeli wars sometime...) now, they plan on releasing new infantry rules called infantry aces, which they start in the new Monte Cassino book. like i said, lots of odd energy, eh?


I'll see you guys around.

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I typically run an 21st PD aufklarungs company with armor support for Afrika.


The Two Fat Lardies rules typically run to skirmish level with a couple running to the company level depending on the period. They are quick and fun and easy to get since you can get PDF downloads.

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I play ACW Fire & Fury with #2 son. He refuses to play Yanks, so I paint mostly those as well. Getting kinda hard to see them at 50 Years old though, so I have been trying to get him to switch over to 25/28mm.



I used to feel the same way, but then I figured that I could kill Bluebellies on EITHER side of the table laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif !

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