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Trio of Reptiles

Kannan Fodder

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I'm in the planning stages of working on a modification to the dracolich, so wanted to get feedback on my painting of this one. I did him a few years back, before I started using the MSP line, and before I really understood dilution, washes, and glazes. Basically a combination of washes with inks and drybrushing.


post-3447-13025662159335.jpg post-3447-13025662308874.jpg post-3447-13025662493814.jpg


The giant snake and carnosaur were painted last year, as an attempt to kick myself back into painting again. The snake was inspired by the numerous rattlers we've found around our house. The carnosaur was done with pretty much the same colors as the snake - the Humanoid Skintones triad, and a LOT of Brown Liner. I also wanted to put him on a swamp base, so had some fun scratch building that.


post-3447-1302566350482.jpg post-3447-13025664293349.jpg


post-3447-13025664603264.jpg post-3447-1302566552144.jpg


Comments and feedback are welcome, especially what can be improved.



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Fantastic job on the newer pieces -- the carnosaur's skin in particular is great. I'd like to see more colour on the dracolich -- more of a tan colour for the bone, maybe, or pale blues to suggest moonlight. You don't have a lot of variety of materials on the 'lich -- mostly just bone -- so there's no obvious natural variation in hue. You can get some of it back by mixing a chromatic grey from complementary mid-tones, then shading with one and highighting with the other. Examples are here and here.

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