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Painting book ideas?


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Okay, so, understand that this is probably aeons away, if we ever do it, BUT...


If Reaper did a painting book, what would you like to see?  What kind of format?  What types of info?  Any particular Reaper painters whose techniques you'd love to read about? Etc, etc...gimme some feedback, folks, we've seen the GW book and the CMON book and all that, what would the ideal Reaper Paragon O' Painting Bookliness be like?



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Beyond all the colorful glossy goodness that such a book should deliver, I'd like to see specific articles on each of the major techniques (blending, shading, highlighting, NMM, etc.), all outlined step-by-step with large color photos. Likewise, I'd like to see the same step-by-step guide for different textures (fur, skin, stone, etc.), as well as possible one or two "archtype" miniatures - a magician and a lupine, for instance.


Beyond this, articles on color-theory,  the production of Reaper miniatures, painter bios, and the like would all be nice as well.


Give me some time. I'll think of more.  :D

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Having seen the GW book and bought the CMON one(x2), I'd like something with well organized hints, tips, and tricks, and geared toward improving techniques.  A bit more advanced than your standard "...here's a paint brush...here's a cup of water..." level.

I think a really good, well rounded, techniques book is hard to come by.  


If you could swing the licenses, a full color chart that brings together Reaper, GW, Vallejo, Tamiya, Folke Art, Yadda, yadda would be peachy (I know I'm just dreaming but what a resource that would be!!)


Needless to say, the tutorials would need to be well documented with decent sized pictures (preferably taken by a second party).  I'm not sure whether tutorials should be organized by completed figure or by technique...I'd prefer by technique but a really good step-by-step article at the end to act as a summary to tie all the "lessons" together would be neat.


Techniques I'd like to see covered with lots of inprogress pics (maybe a second person shooting the photos so we can catch the wet blending in action:) ) are...


NMM (practice and theory)

Advanced MM

Wet blending


Thinning of paints for various techniques (formulas, mediums)

Gem painting



Color selection/color theory

Composition/basing techniques (although the basing techniques could be another book)

Lighting concepts...


gosh, everything that I've been reading and downloading from here and CMON, and (name your favorite site), but all in one place.


And at the beginning of each chapter/tutorial, a selection of great minis using the techniques discussed in the upcoming chapter.


I'm rambling. But it sure was fun.






Oh yeah, since I'm dreaming :)

Lots of books (at least the technical how-to-books that I read) now come with CDs.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a CD full of short tutorials, extras (color charts for different companies, catalogues, links, etc.) and AVIs of (name your fav artist) doing his/her thing...invaluable!  I know that this now means I'll need to buy a laptop or move my painting station, but heck..."dare to dream".




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Darn Whiz leave something for the rest of us.


All of the things whiz said in his first paragraph are very important and can be expanded.  There are so many skin tones they can cover many pages.  There are 3-4 different tones for each skin color.  From pale white to a golden bronze, from a light brown to a deep sun darkened black, blues, greens, greys etc.  You could do annual books and cover different skin tones for years.


NMM can be done is every color and could be covered annually as well.


Blending metalics in the same way.


Fur, hair, cloth, there is no end to what the book could cover.  I would like it to be more of a how to book with quality pictures to help demonstrate.  CMoN already does a photo/picture book.  I would really like a lot more that pretty pictures.  I can see pictures on line.


Awong and I posted at the same time.  His/her list is great as well.

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If you put down the words "patience and practice" about one thousand times, it would be the best book ever.


Aside from that I'd like to see some of the things we discuss on these boards appear in this book, nicely ordered.


Cleaning and assembly

(maybe a few notes on conversions and composition).

Filling gaps, sculpting tips on making joints look similar to surrounding areas (scales for a dragon, fur for a lupine, etc)

Primer/priming conditions


Color theory and Color Composition (may be a good place to touch on color choices for armies)

Shading and highlighting (how to pick/mix the right colors)

Face/Skin techniques/recipes



Shaded metallics

NMM techniques/recipes


Other miscellaneous techniques and tips (darklining, underpainting, source lighting, painting discolorations, etc)

Freehand tips (design considerations, where to start, etc)


Basing tips and materials


Step by steps are always a big attraction. Illustrations are obviously important for executing different techniques (layers, how to draw the brush, etc). And lots and lots of samples.


Edit: Errr... I guess others beat me to the punch, this is what happens when I forget my post in a background window somewhere...

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Something no one has touched on...


Everything mentioned before as well as...


How to Sculpt a mini. What tools and equipment is needed and the basics of doing 3-D art. Using Green Stuff is scary to some people (like me).


Oh, and two more important things:


Hardbound (or a very good paper cover)


DECENT BINDINGS so the pages don't fall out the first time you open the book.  :glare:

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I have to agree with everything listed above in all the other postings.  I want a book that isn't talking about how to use a brush and that kind of thing.  I want one that tells me how to do certain advanced techniques.  


This is why I stopped buying beading books because every single one out there tells you nothing more than the basics and only gives you more project ideas.


I don't want basics, I want something to digest and help me hone the skills I already have.

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Consider this: I can sit in front of my computer an dpaint with some example of a technique up on the screen or even better a painted example of what I am trying to accomplish much easier than trying to have a nice expensive book lying open on my desk while I work.

That being said, tips are great and having some in there would be a must. What I really want, is lots of awesome painted minis! If the CMoN annual (which is totally kick-butt IMO) was full of tips and not painted masterpieces, I would never have gotten it. I think a lot can be learned from the CMoN book. My only beef with it is the tips section IS so small. What would another dozen pages be?

If people want to have entire books on tips, maybe Reaper can do pamphlets, or another book on tips, but I would still rather see painted minis! And lots of them too. There are a heck of a lot of top notch Reaper paint jobs out there... Also, without sounding liek a "Type B" angst filled guy, I would not want to see it full of so-so paintjobs...that is not the point behind a showcase style book.

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Not everyone has the luxury of being able to have their computer on their painting table, though. I'd rather have the book with nifty tips and pics to go along with them than a bunch of glossy "look what I can do and you can't" pics of someone elses stuff. That's why I didn't get the CMON book.  :unclesam:
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See, I want the book with tips.  I like the feel and permanancy of a book.  Web pages move and change all the time.  CMoN has a book of all pictures and probably covers that market or a large part of that market.  I want a learning tool I can sit down and bring to the table, bring to a friends house etc.
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Hehe, I do not paint in front of my monitor often either. If I am trying to do something similar to something I saw at CMoN for instance, it is easy to move my little wet pallette and glass of water to my computer desk though ;)

However, I do print out inspirational pieces and post them in front of my nose at my work spot.... Like the Monk with the patterned clothing from Anne's gallery :)

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However, I do print out inspirational pieces and post them in front of my nose at my work spot.... Like the Monk with the patterned clothing from Anne's gallery :)

I do this all of the time.  I just need to buy photo paper so I can keep more of the details in the pictures.





Anne.....I know you said nothing was in the works, but get working on this book!

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How about a series of 'pamphlets', kinda like Reaper's current line of how to paint tutorials, but geared towards the high end?


Printed on heavy glossy paper, with card coveres. Each one could be by a different painter every 3 months, and a different miniature used to show different techniques...


A cloaked mage to show blending on the cloak,

A armored knight to show NMM...



Leave enough area towards the spine so that people could take them and get them rebound at Kinkos.


Or just print them in a packet, with holes pre-cut, a cardstock cover page with a index tab and people could pop them in their own binders. Made out of glossy heavy paper, and in a binder, they'd lie flat, and can be wiped clean after spills.


You could then have several packets...


"Cleaning and assembling"

"Skintones with Jennifer Haley"

"NMM with Anne Foerster"


People could then buy what they need, assembling the book as they go. The packets on a topic could be sold right there. Different artists could also give different takes on the same idea as time goes on.

"NMM with Bobby Wong"

"Skintones by Anne"


Johnny wants to paint a dragon, so he picks up a dragon packet.


Of course, one could add "terrain" packets to the mix, and basing, and terrain boards, and...


Just tossing out some ideas.

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