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Geisha diorama


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So, obviously I didn't get to finish the diorama before ReaperCon. However, I had taken pictures of my diorama progress before I went on a crazy need-to-finish-this-now mode.


I spent the weekend before the con painting the fan on the geisha:



I quite like how it looked to be made of paper and light coloured wood. Purely unintentional - I was going for a light orange <_<



So I gave the water effects the requisite 24 hours and some more, then approached it with trepidation. Actually, it didn't turn out too bad. A tad dark in the water. Plasticard is also very easy to peel off even when afixed with superglue - if one doesn't mind some of the cork going with.



You can just see the little fishies in the water, which was the intent :) Did not want to see the bottom.


This is my practice one:



I experimented with painting moonlight reflection on top of the water. It didn't turn out too bad; I think it's doable.


I finished the lantern sculpt:



It's a bit big, but oh well. I'm debating on whether to poke holes into the lantern part or just paint the holes in. I'm leaning towards the paint since I don't want to screw it up.


And this is where the lantern will end up:






Oh, and FYI, this is how the geisha turned out:



Got a silver ^_^

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