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Lots of Pictures of my Painted Stuff


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It's funny that Stubbdog was able to root out my Kagunk conversion out of all of those files. That always has been his favorite figure I've done I reckon.


Regarding the Napoleonics, I guess you noticed that the North guys have red cockades and the South have white and yellow. I was trying to encourage #2 son to get involved but he was not really into Napoleonics, but when I told him just paint them however you like (with a few guidelines) he went for it. So, yep, they are just made up uniform colors. Also, the North guys lean Frenchward and the South Austrianway, but not always.


Glad ya'll liked them.


Check my Picasa site occasionally for updates. I'll be adding the units next. Got lots with some pretty bright uniforms.

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Ha, you barely even need guidelines for colors for Napoleonic War uniforms. You really could basically paint them any way you wanted, and there'd probably be some uniform out there that vaguely resembled what you'd done. The made up colors explain why I got a kind of a Latin American Wars of Independence vibe off of a lot of the figures. Stuff from South America always kind of looked like bizarro Napoleonic Europe to me.


I also wanted to compliment you particularly on the Unicorn-crested Knight you painted, and on your Lady Macbeth. Those two in particular really stood out for me.

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Thanks guys. I paint figures for gaming, so I do not worry over every little detail. I certainly admire the work of folks who paint Reaper Style, but my preference is more Kevin Dallimore or Steve Dean school.


The Khong-to, Chhaya and Klahan figures that I recently painted each took about three evenings to complete, so I am not averse to putting in some hours on a figure. Generally, however, I paint for volume.


I am in the process of photographing the units for my "Dressed to Kill" game, so if you check back soon with my Picasa site soon you can see examples of my mass painting style.


Since I paint for gaming, I do not fuss over every sculpted bit, but instead rely more on highlighting the main details and on contrast to make detail "pop" from a few feet away. Macro photos of my stuff are not always flattering.


I also lean toward brighter colors in my old age.

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Regarding the USS Mississippi Project:


A friend and I built that ship, along with the three other USN ships that have been named MISSISSIPPI - the side wheel steamer that served as Matthew Perry's flagship on trip to Japan and was later sunk in the Mississippi River at Port Hudson during the Civil War; BB-23 (the ship in question); BB-41; and the nuclear-powered cruiser - for the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.


The project was called "Pride of the Fleet" and was a really cool display just off the rotunda in the Old Capitol Building in Jackson, MS. done in conjunction with the Smithsonian.


All four models are on permanent display - or were when I last checked - in the Senate Chamber upstairs in the Old Capitol Building.


BB-23 took about four months of late nights and weekends to build. The entire project took almost two years.


All were scratch built from the blades on the paddle wheel of the first boat to the missiles and life raft canisters on the last. All were 39" long to fit the display cases provided by the Smithsonian, so we could not pick any standard scale for parts.


Click on the links below to read more:


Mississippi History Newsletter


Magazine Article

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