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Trying to get better at NMM

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WOW Derek!

That was really helpful. Thank you SO very much for taking the time to do that.

I'm not sure I understand the highlight on the front-center of each should pad, but clearly it looks right.

I'll go back and apply all the highlights as you suggested.

Really, again, I cannot thank you enough... that was going above and beyond!


You are welcome.

I guess I felt pedagogical this morning. :;):

And it's a good refresher for what I'll need to teach in my class on NMM at ReaperCon in 2 weeks anyway.


I'm not sure about the highlights on the shoulders, myself. Did you want the trim of the shoulder-plates to be lighter / more silvery than the centers? If so, keep the highlights for the centers pretty subdued, too. If you think of it as a spherical surface, then it should reflect one point of light. If it's a cylinder, it should reflect a line of light (possibly with part of the line being brighter than the rest).


Anyway, good luck,


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Not sure how much work you did on the metal before doing the rest, but once you painted the rest of him, the metals had real context and made more sense to me. (if that makes any sense to you)


anyway, that "finished" mini is very cool, and not just the NMM work.

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Another hour logged on him.


Obviously, this builds specifically off of what Derek suggested. I also went in and touched up his face a little. I've added a close up to show that work.


I'm pretty happy with the NMM at this point, I think it has some shine to it finally.


Suggestions for further improvement are welcome and NEEDED!





p.s. I know the brocolli bases aren't very popular, but I keep them for gaming reasons.




pez :zombie:

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I, too, gotta thank Derek for taking the time to Photoshop the mini. I've run scared from NMM, and this thread has really helped me understand it better. (No, I haven't read many tutorials on the subject. I've always deluded myself that I could figure it out on my own.)


Anyway, looks GREAT! I'd say Mission Accomplished!



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Strong work! (I'm squinting at the image on screen, trying to see whether the "big moves" hold up, and yeah, it looks good.) Glad that you took the time and made it better.

If you're still looking for something to do, the similarly-colored boots, pants, sleeves, face, and hair could be differentiated from each other a bit more with some glazes (variously orange/red/brown). Darker feet would help, since somehow the light yellow-dun color doesn't convey the sense of his weight on the ground.

But the figure is soundly in the "looking for something to do" stage. If you want to move on, then move on.


(To Kannan Fodder, Ferox, or anyone else who finds my markups useful, you are welcome!)



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