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A Quick Thank You- Larger Brushes


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After reading more tutorials and responses by people recommending using larger brushes, I took the jump and tried it out.


With very little in the way of adjusting my paint style, I've started to increase my speed (from glacial to slow) and started to get better transitions.



1. The layers are going on smoother with almost no brushstrokes- the bane of my existence with small brushes.

2. I'm getting better control at transition areas with less sloppiness

3. While not quite "getting it" with two-brush blending, I'm getting much closer than I ever did.

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Top Posters In This Topic

What were you using and what are you using now?

to quote my previous roomate, "a brush with one hair." not really, but a size 0 (and equivelent) used to be the largest brush I used to use. (Mind-blowing that I ever got anything done.) After joining these forums last summer, I switched up to using a size 1 for most of my painting (even though I also got a really nice KS 3/0 that day... i've used that brush maybe 4 or 5 times). I recently picked up a Citadel wash brush (size 2 equiv???) and made mad progress finishinh Morghoul and some beasthandlers. I have some detailing to clean up but would normally be a week or so behind where I'm at now.

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