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I actually finished this up last summer. I was hoping to make to RCon this year with it, but...


I attempted replicate the silky sheen of a panther and I think was moderately successful.



I also put it on a display base; I'd not done such an elaborate base before and it was kinda fun! It was tough to do a ruin/forest base and not make it too busy and lose the phase cat in it. I think the bright blues help to draw the eye and keep the mini as the focus. I ran out of steam once I knew RCon was not in the cards; definitely could have gone higher on the highlights looking at it now.



As always, your thoughts/critiques are most welcome!

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Very nice indeed.


I agree a little about being able to push the highlights more. But, from the opposite point of view...I would bring out the highlights by making some of what you have darker:


1. the teeth and claws stand out way too much on this dark sinister glowing cat. I think they actually need to be toned down a bit (in shadow so to speak).

2. The display base is really nice but again, all bright and green, which contradicts the dark shadowy nature of the focus of the piece. Need to darken the display, make lots of shadows. Then bring out the glowing aspects (the purples and blues).



Now having said all of this, I had started painting my set of kitties a couple of weeks ago and did not take them as far as you have here. I stopped at the purples on the tentacles and did not go with the blue. I think I like your scheme a little more. So, I am going to be using it...

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I love this piece I wish you were coming to reapercon so I could see it in person. I haven't attempted glowing eyes yet but have a piece on the workbench that I wanted to attempt glowing runes I have planned on using blue. Can you give me the details on how you did it on this piece to help facilitate me?

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Not much I can say that everyone else has not. I am just in complete shock at how this piece actually affects me. The colors are just perfect and the blends are perfection. I would definitely get this in some sort of comp. if I were you. I wouldn't mind having that sitting on my shelf. Absolutely beautiful. Also, I think the highlights the way they are a great. I picture a moonlight type glow with the highlights, so it works perfectly. You Rock!!!

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