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Phase Cat, #02664


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Thanks everyone for the compliments! It's always nice to hear!

@Stubbdog--great suggestions! If I get the gumption to get started on him again, I'll definately darken the display and the teeth and claws.

@Marsya--one of the original articles on this technique is over at CMoN: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1288-glowing-eyes-by-cyril

For my piece, I used Vallejo Model Color Intense Blue, VMC Sky Blue, and very thin VMC White. Keep the eyes near white with some glazes of Sky Blue to tint it just a bit. I then used very thin Intense Blue (just need a very little bit on your brush) and allowed the capillary action of the water to "pull" it into the corners of the eyes. I then used the Sky Blue for the initial color of the OSL around the eyes and blended it out to Intense Blue and maybe IB mixed with black.


Hope this helps!

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Very nice work!


I agree with stubbdog about some areas to tweak a bit if you're still interested (if it's daylight, how would the eyes glow?), but really this is a very nice job.

The technical painting is very sound, smooth blends, good use of color.


Way to go!


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