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Real complex example:


I hit a single track model, that has tough, with a damaging poison hit.


The model makes his initial tough roll to stay alive. But, this model is still poisoned. At the end of the game turn, that same model must pass the poison check or take a point of damage. He fails it and so takes the point which would kill him. But he gets to make another tough check first. Lets say this time he passes it again. Now it is still alive and no longer poisoned.


Any model state that the model had at the time when the tough roll was required would still be in affect after a tough roll is passed. In this example, the poison was "used up" to gain the second tough roll and that is why it goes away on the second tough check.



Going off on the tough tangent, it is possible to have a model make several tough rolls in a single activation. Kill it via spell, ranged attack, and melee. As long as it keeps passing the roll...

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