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Defensive strikes clarification

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I'm not totally clear on what exatly triggers melee defensive strikes.


Are defensive strikes allowed only by models that have at least one attack allocated to them, all models in base contact with an enemy that attacks or models in the same troop as a model that is attacked?


For example

3 models from a single troop are all in base contact with a single enemy.

If the enemy activates and allocates all attacks onto one model, does only that model get defensive strikes?

And is the situation the same if 2 models from 2 different troops are all in contact with a single enemy?

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You must be attacked in melee to make defensive strikes. You may take defensive strikes against any models that are in B2B with your model, unless SA rules dictate otherwise. Your number of defensive strikes in an activation are limited to the model's #MA (again, unless restricted by SAs). These defensive strikes essentially "reset" every time there is a new activation (i.e. initiative card), thus if your model is attacked by one troop, he makes his full defensive strikes. Assuming he survives, if he is then attacked by a 2nd troop, he gets his defensive strikes again, and may target models from Troop 1 unless SAs prevent him from doing so.



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