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May Roll Call

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Privateer Press is doing the Impossible Dream challenge again this month, only it is 100 points of Hordes, instead of 100 points of Warmachine. So, my "dream goal" for the month is this:


Captain Gunnbjorn

Dire Troll Blitzer

Troll Axer

2x Troll Impaler

Winter Troll



x2 Dire Troll Mauler (1 normal, 1 extreme)


Slag Troll

Swamp Troll

Troll Bouncer

Fell Caller

Janissa Stonetide

6 Krielstone bearer & scribes

Stone Scribe Elder

10 Pyg Bushwackers

Thumper Crew

5 Trollkin Champions

10 Trollkin Fennblades

6 Trollkin Scattergunners

10 Pyg Burrowers



(I decided that I might actually keep up a blog about gaming, so I started http://armyaltaholic.blogspot.com/ . Hopefully, it keeps me honest.)

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Jen, where did you come up with your painting/buying ratio? Is 2 to 1 your goal for the year?


Yup. Last year I ended up with about a 1.5/1 paint-to-buy ratio. I'm hoping to increase that this year, though I'm not off to a great start. :p

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I've got:


9 Khamsin herdsmen

3 mummies

4 tomb guard



To finish in the next 13 days.


And a costume for the contest.


Plus some landscaping this weekend.


The 2nd half of the month I'm just going to ogle my new pretties from the con. :D

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So far, all I have finished for the month is one winter troll. (And the unit marker for Pyg burrowers). So, on the 100 point challenge, I have a whopping total of . . . .(wait for it). . . 5 points.


It would be more, but I deliberately broke and reposed one troll, and accidentally broke (and need to finish fixing) another. The good news is that, thanks to some dedicated painting time, stuff is getting done, but still. . . .


Pics are going to be kept at http://s650.photobucket.com/albums/uu229/warlordgarou/Warmahordes/ and my gaming blog will document my failures at http://armyaltaholic.blogspot.com/

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