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Bör Dragonbane


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Hi everyone,


I thought I'd share my latest work. This miniature is from the Avatars of War line. I painted it to be part of the contest at WAMP, so some of you here have already seen it & commented. Mainly it has been a learning piece for painting NMM. Please share any comments & critique :)


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Well if your objective was to learn more about NMM I would say objective completed. That was corny, but true, good contrast in the gold and steel for sure. And now's the time where I ask if you mind posting the recipe of paints you used for the dark steel since you pulled it off so well.


Also, that base is absolutely hypnotizing to look at, crazy!

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The gold is pretty. I mean really really pretty. The cape is really nice too. Bright and eye-catching without going overboard. From the back it has almost a celtic sort of feel to it, or maybe that's just me. A very nice piece overall. Normally I don't like the big wood block bases, but you really took advantage of the depth.

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Thanks everyone! It has been a joy painting this mini, so it's nice to hear people like it.


@Darkstar: No problem at all! Here are the paints/mixes I used.


Start with a basecoat: 50/50 sunburst yellow (GW) & bubonic brown (GW)


Shades (from light to dark)

- shadow 1: Basecoat + snakebite leather (GW) 50/50

- shadow 2: shadow 1 + snakebite leather 50/50

- shadow 3: shadow 2 + chocolate brown (VMC) 50/50

- shadow 4: shadow 3 + black 50/50

- shadow 5: black



- Add white (pure) to basecoat in steps, until final highlight is 100% white.



Both the darker metal (shoe thingies) and the lighter metal (axes) are painted with the same paints, the only difference is which intermediate colour is more pre-dominant.


1. Chaos black (GW)

2. French Mirage Blue (VMC)

3. Pale Greyblue (VMC)

4. White


Between every two colours I use about 3 different mixes.

For example, from dark to light:

- pure colour 1

- 25 (colour 1) : 75 (colour 2)

- 50 (colour 1) : 50 (colour 2)

- 75 (colour 1) : 25 (colour 2)

- pure colour 2


Hope that makes sense. If not, please tell me, I'll write it down more explicit.


By the way, if anyone is interested. I've written a step by step tutorial on making + painting the base. You can find it HERE



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im not a huge fan of the green cape...that being said the nnm is just awesome! And I love that you put some purple into the skin and rocks...it compliments the nnm gold quite nicely! Great use of color for sure. Now just work some more on your blending and you'll be made in the shade!!!

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The NMM is so impressive! Not to mention the use of color and lighting. Thanks so much for posting up how you personally achieve your NMM! The cape looks pretty darn good to me, but the color doesn't seem to 'fit' as well as the rest of the piece, in my opinion, perhaps its brightness... But anyway, this piece is excellent, and the base, wow.

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