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Making a Saddle with Greenstuff

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I just wanted to ask for some advice on how to make a saddle with greenstuff. I've never used it before, and I have no idea how difficult this will be. I don't necessarily want to make a hugely complicated saddle, just one to put on a spare miniature of a pegasus that I have lying around. Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.



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I am not an expert by any means but I will give you some pointers that I have learned.


Patients. Really don't try to do too much at once. Work in layers.


Put down the first layer and then wait about 30 min or so before you have at it.


Have some lotion or vasline so that he Greenstuff does not stick to the tools that you are using. I have found wax paper is very handy for laying out parts that need to be flat and work with them.



This is my only advice I can give. GS is not hard to work with just like this hobby: practice practice practice.

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I had started a reply but the computer ate it. Sorry for the delay.


Okay. You want to make a saddle. The trick is to look at it in layers. Dargrin went over some of the basics on using greenstuff and being patient so I won't add those here. You might try using brown stuff for some of the more solid pieces so that they stay in place. Brown stuff is more firm than green stuff.


Saddles have a saddle pad underneath. So you're going to need a rectangle larger than the final saddle measurements. If you get fancy you can give it a little texture using the foam from a mini pack.


Here's a really nice image of the parts of a saddle.




And yeah, that's a lotta parts. But you won't need all of them. I'll only mention the ones you'll probably need to make a convincing saddle.


The lowest layer is the skirt. That gives the saddle shape. You can see that it is what shows all around the rest of it.


Skip next to the stirrups. They're thicker pieces than you would think. You might want to consider making the actual stirrup pieces separate and then adding them to the straps.


Combine the seat jockey with the seat into one piece. That will cover the join where the stirrup straps attach.


Make the swell/horn and the cantle.


Finally, put on a girth. You could get fancy and try to make a buckle but I wouldn't bother.


I think you can see how those basic parts will make a saddle in this scale. There's fiddly bits you can add if you're feeling adventurous but hopefully this gives you the information you need to make your saddle.


Post pics when you get it done!

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