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Agents of R.O.G.U.E.

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These have actually been done for quite a while, but I was holding off on posting them till they appeared in the contest for which I intended them. That round is over, and after a heartbreaking loss to some Historicals over on the Lead Adventure Forum, I present to you the five agents of R.O.G.U.E.




The figures are all "Rogue" from Heroclix with Reaper headswaps.

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Nice! Especially knowing that it's all the same figure, massively converted and cloned. Surprising that it didn't win, especially considering how good your background terrain always looks on your contest entries, this one being no exception.


The uniforms look good and are interesting, even though the colors are quite subdued, considering the usual choices seen on Agents of [insert cutesy/clever acronym hero/villain organization name here]. The highlighting seen in the bottom shot of the redhead almost makes it look like the uniform is velour or crushed velvet, which would be a neat choice for retro satirically-sexist-stereotype-enforcing 1960's female secret agents.

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