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A different sort of mini for me...a dinosaur

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I like the job overall: color selection, highlight/shading, etc etc. Having had a healthy fascination with dinos since I was 7* makes me love it.


*oh all those years ago...

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Nice--from ~67,000,000 BC to 40,000 AD you've got it covered! Great job--really like the eyes.


Fixed that for you.



Good work on this. The stripes look really good, as do the eyes and claws. Heck, the whole thing looks good, those are just the things that jumped out immediately.


My only suggestion is that he deserves a decent base.

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Thanks, all! Believe it or not, this is for my mom. She's like any mom, and thinks my painting is great stuff (even if she doesn't understand what it's all about). I mentioned maybe doing a dinosaur, and she said she wanted one. So, it's her birthday soon, and I figured "why not?" How many moms get a dinosaur for their birthday? I also have a cave dragon to do, and I"m kinda looking forward to that one. Gotta figure out a color for him. He'll be for sale, though, and this will be my first foray into selling that sort of mini. I imagine it won't go for much, but what the hell; it's still fun to do.

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