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Thomas Hammerfist


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Hey folks,


Some of you might have seen the evolution of this fellow over on the WIP forum.


I got a lot of help from Derek and Meg. I'm pretty happy with the results. I think this is my best NMM to date. The blends aren't my smoothest, but the metalics have a POP that I've been looking for. Still looks a little like stone, but I'll get that metalic look one day!






Anyway, comments and critiques are always needed!


Thanks for looking,


pez :zombie:

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My only complaint is that the hair, skin, cloth, and boots all sort of blur together. On the other hand, they all blur together into an ochre-tan that sets off the blue-grey NMM very nicely. Maybe working some of the shield's saturated blue into the sleeves and trousers would help things along from the front view.


But, hell, that's a nice mini.

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Thank you for the positive feeback.


@Ferox: I have to admit you're right, the common colors was a direct result of my laziness and just wanting to focus on the NMM. In the future, I'll have to keep these things seperate.


@JimL: Probably only about 6-7 hours on this guy actually. However, another 4-5 hours would have been needed to smooth and define everything. Not willing to do that for a practice model.


Thank you all again!


pez :zombie:

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